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Talking to John’s Parents

My name is Mary and my boyfriend recently asked me to marry him. I did accept, however he doesn’t really please me sexually. He has a very small cock and when we have sex, I can’t feel it. I really don’t know if I should marry him, or just walk away. I’ve been so upset with this. I know I should be happy and enjoy planning my wedding. I just feel this is going to be setting myself up for a lifetime of cheating affairs.

Both my parents are deceased and I have no siblings. I’m very confused and just don’t know who to talk to about this problem. I love my boyfriend so much and know he’ll be a great father someday. But, sexually he does not please me.

I’m a very sexual person. Before I was with my fiancé, I had many lovers. I enjoy having hard, pounding sex. I just don’t know what to do. My fiancé does enjoy giving me hours of oral pleasure, but when he fucks me, I’m just not satisfied. I just don’t know what to do.

John gave me a very large engagement ring. I think the sucker must be 4 carats. It’s the most beautiful ring I’ve ever had. He’s very rich and treats me like an absolute princess. He buys me anything I want. He has taken me on wonderful vacations. He’s an absolute dreamboat, but he’s an absolute horrible fuck.

This is the story about when I went over to my fiancés parent’s house to talk to them about my problem. I’ll go over all the details of what happened.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was a little sad. I was going over to John’s parent’s house alone to talk to them about my problem. My parents are deceased and I have no siblings and really have no friends either. His family have been my support system. I’m very close to his sister and she has become my best friend. His parents are just wonderful people.

I really was quite upset about the topic that I was going to be discussing with them. I really didn’t know how they were going to react to what I needed to tell them. But, it had to be done and I was going over to address it. I didn’t want them to think I was a gold digger, because I really am not.

I wanted to look very pretty and wore a white flowered sundress with white panties and sandals. I did not wear a bra, because the bra is in the dress. I also bought a bouquet of stargazer flowers for Jane and a bottle of scotch for Michael. Those are John’s parents. I was feeling very nervous and scared. I just didn’t know how this was going to go down.

I grabbed the bouquet and the bottle of scotch and drove over to the Walker’s house. They live about forty minutes away from our townhouse. I cranked up the music and let my mind drift. I knew this was going to be a very hard and trying day.

While listening to the music, I started to cry. I was just so upset. I mean I love John so much and want a lifetime of happiness with him. But, his small cock just does nothing for me. I mean I could see myself having an affair within a month of us getting married. I finally got to their house and pulled up. I grabbed the flowers and the scotch and rang the bell.

Ding Dong

“Mary, come in dear we have been expecting you. You look wonderful,” Jane said.

“Thank you. I brought you flowers and Mr. Walker a bottle of Jack Daniels. I know he likes that.”

I handed Jane the flowers and she ran and put them into a vase and put them on her dining room table.

“Mary, thanks so much for the scotch. You know I love it. So how are things going with you and John,” Michael asked.

“Well that’s why I’m here. I have a very difficult topic to discuss with the two of you. I really am a little embarrassed to even bring it up. But, I know it needs to be addressed.”

“What is troubling you sweetie? Tell us we’re here for you.”

Jane and Michael led me over to the couch. I then started to cry.

“What is wrong Mary? It can’t be too bad.”

“This is going to be really hard for me to talk about, however I’m just going to say it. John has a very small dick and does not satisfy me at all. I just don’t know what to do.”

Both parents looked at each other and just started to laugh.

“Is that all dear? Is that what has you in such a fickle?”

“Yes. I don’t want to have a lifetime of affairs, because of his small penis not satisfying me.”

“My husband and I are swingers. We have multiple partners for sex. And we would love to have sex with you. We could invite you into our private club and you could have all the sex you desire. Would you like that?”

“You guys are not mad? You would be okay with me cheating on your son?”

“You’ll be cheating with us. And we are your family dear. If you don’t want to meet the others, then we could just have sex with you. We love you Mary and this really isn’t a problem at all. Do you know that my husband has a very large cock? His cock is about eight and half inches long. So no worries my darling.”

“I feel so much better now. I’d love to have sex with the two of you. Do you think we could have some now?”

“Of course. Let’s go to our bedroom,” Jane said.

I followed the Walker’s up to their bedroom. I was a little nervous, but excited too. Mr. Walker had an enormous cock that I was looking forward to play with. My heart was racing. Once we got to their bedroom, we all sat down on the bed.

“Mary, put your arms over your head and let me take this dress off of you dear.”

Michael helped me off with my dress. My nipples were stiff like erasers.

“Mary are you excited dear? You have on the most beautiful white lace panties. Stand up and model them for us.”

I stood up and my breasts were totally exposed to the Walker’s. I walked around in my panties and my sandals. The Walker’s were looking at me and licking their lips. I’m a pretty girl. I’m 5’8” and weigh one hundred and twenty pounds. I have large breasts and long legs. I have long dark hair with brown eyes.

“You’re so beautiful Mary. Why don’t you play with your pussy? Get your pussy nice and wet for us to play with you.”

I was completely turned on by this. Michael and Jane were on their bed staring at me in my panties and sandals, while I slipped my fingers into my panties and stroked at my bald pussy. I put my leg up on the chair and rubbed and massaged my clit.

“You’re so sexy Mary. Take your panties off and finger fuck yourself dear.”

While they were barking orders at me. The Walker’s stood up and undressed each other. Jayne was very attractive. They were both in their late fifties, but in good shape. Jane was 5’7” and weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds. Michael was tall and was 6’3” and about two hundred pounds. Jane had blond short hair and Michael was bald. They both had blue eyes.

I took my panties off and slipped several of my fingers up my pussy. I finger fucked myself, while they watched me. I was very excited.

“Are you ready to have your pussy licked? Lie on the bed and we’ll delight you with our tongues.”

I was so excited and ran to the bed. I spread my thighs and Michael and Jane got into position. They both took turns licking my cunt. Jane’s tongue licked all over my bald pussy and then Michael put his tongue on my swollen clitoris. He was licking in circles, while Jane tongue fucked me with her long tongue.

“Oh God, this is so erotic. You guys are so fucking sexual. I’m so wet for both of you.”

Jane slid her two fingers into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast. It didn’t take very long and my pussy gushed my hot cunt juices.

“Mary, you’re so special dear. You have a very lovely pussy and a juicy cunt.”

They both drank all my squirting juices that were pouring out of my cunt. They were like two hungry and caged animals.

“Michael will you fuck me with that huge cock? I haven’t got fucked properly in months. I’m begging you to fuck me. Please fuck me.”

“Your wish is my command. Get on your back. I’ll fuck you in the missionary position and my wife will ride your face.”

Jane stood on the bed and squatted down over my face. She lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I moved my tongue up and down over her smooth pussy. She had a shaved pussy like mine. I was lightly chewing her pussy lips and then pushed my tongue through her tight cunt. I tongue fucked her deep.

“Oh Mary, that feels so good. Oh Fuck. Eat my pussy!”

Michael then positioned himself over me and slid his huge cock up my pussy. I’m not used to having such a big cock up my tight pussy. But, once he was in, I started to move with him. My legs were at his side as he pushed deeper and deeper inside my cunt.

I was licking Jane’s pussy like a little kitten. She was so wet and started to cream on my tongue.

“I’m coming Mary. Oh you little vixen. You’re such a good pussy eater. Fuck!”

Jane had a huge orgasm. I licked it all up. She then got off of me and just watched Michael fuck me.

“Oh Michael, your cock is so amazing. Fuck me harder and faster.”

“Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you good, slut.”

I was so excited and got on my hands and knees. Michael got behind me and slid his huge cock up my cunt. He slapped my ass and called me all sorts of names as he fucked me.

“Look at you, you’re a whore. Do you like this big cock up your cunt? Do you like me fucking my beautiful daughter in law to be? Answer me slut?”

“Yes, I love your cock. It feels so good up my cunt. Fuck me harder Michael.”

As Michael was fucking me hard with his huge cock, Jane was playing with my tits. She was squeezing them and pulling at them. I was so aroused by this. Michael was giving me a proper fucking. I mean their son can’t fuck me like this. I was loving his father’s cock.

“I’m going to come. I’m coming. Oh God!”

I had a huge orgasm. Michael continued on fucking me deeper and harder and then he pulled out.

“Jane you lie down and I’ll fuck you now and Mary will squat over your face. Come on ladies.”

Jane then got on her back and Michael slid his cock right up her wet pussy. He fucked his wife hard. She was already used to his big, huge dick. I stood up and squatted over Mary’s face and she licked and adored my bald pussy. She licked up and down over my sweet and very wet pussy. She parted my pussy lips with her tongue and tongue fucked me deep and hard. I rocked my cunt over her face.

“Oh Jane, that feels so fucking good. You eat pussy like a champion.”

I rocked and moved my pussy over her face. She then finger fucked me fast and my juices came flowing out of my pussy. Michael was fucking his wife deeper and faster. Her pussy was making all these wet, squelching noises as he fucked her. Michael fucked her for a while and then pulled out.

“I want you two ladies to share my cock. Suck my big dick.”

We both knelt down and played with his huge and shaved balls. We cupped and caressed them. I played with his left one and she played with his right one. I then sucked his one huge ball and his wife sucked the other one.

“Oh that feels so good. Suck my cock ladies.”

I then licked the left portion of his cock and Jane licked the right portion, while we each played with one of his balls. She then stood up and started to suck on his cock and I was licking the bottom half.

“Oh yea, that feels so good. Mary you suck my big cock now.”

I then stood up and sucked on his huge cock. I wrapped my lips over it and took him down my throat. He was so long and so hard. I never sucked on such a huge cock in such a long time. Jane was now sucking on his huge balls.

“Get on your knees and play with your tits. I’m going to spray my come on both of your tits. Do it ladies!”

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We both got on our knees and played with our tits. Cupping and massaging them. Michael then stroked his big, beautiful cock and sprayed his come on both our breasts. When he was done, we both massaged his come onto our breasts. I did hers and she did mine.

Jane then turned her head and we enjoyed a deep and passionate kiss together. Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths.

“So Mary, I think this little arrangement will work out. You’ll marry our son and come here and have sex with us. When you become more comfortable, we’ll invite you to our swinging parties.”

“I’m so excited that you guys are so cool with this. I mean I had the best time ever. This way I get the best of both worlds. I’ll have a husband who loves me and the sexiest in-laws fucking me. I mean this is the best.”

“You’re very sweet Mary. We had the best time with you. I think this arrangement will work out nicely. Whenever our son is out of town, you’ll just come here and stay with us. We’ll have lots of fun together. When you are comfortable, we’ll introduce you to our swinging friends. Lots of cock for you dear.”

“I have to be going. Thank you both for the amazing time. I’m so happy I was brave enough to tell you my predicament.”

We all got dressed and then I kissed Jane and Michael and left their house. I then drove back home. I was so happy that they were cool and gave me the fucking of a lifetime. When I got home, I made John a wonderful dinner. I had already gotten fucked, so I was in a very good mood. I would let him make love to me, but when he did, I would just remember the hot and sexy day I had with his parents.


We introduced two teens to lesbian sex

Me and my four bandmates arrived in San Francisco and quickly moved into our hotel. Since we were on a budget, the place we picked was nothing fancy, but not too cheap either. Taziana and Nadia, who were going to get married, had taken a honeymoon suite together, and we figured we wouldn’t see much of them once they’re in there. The other three of us – me, Barbara and Stefania – had booked a double bedroom for us. We didn’t mind sleeping together, and it saved us some money that way.

The day after we got there, Taziana and Nadia went shopping for wedding dresses right after breakfast, so Bibi, Stef and myself also went off looking for something fancy to wear to the occasion. We figured, since there’s two brides and no real “groom”, we might as well all three dress up as grooms”men”. So we went, giggling and joking, through some boutiques and costume shops, looking for the most outrageous and crazy suits we could find. At the end, Bibi had it easiest, since she was tall and broad enough to wear men’s suits without problems. She found a sweet, bright pink smoking and a pale blue blouse with lots of frills, that stood in stark contrast to her short white hair, broad shoulders, many tattoos and generally butchy attitude. Stef and me had to grin every time we looked at her.

Stefania had a harder time. She’s pretty short and somewhat chubby, so most sizes were either too long or too tight for her. In the end, in a weird little second-hand corner shop, we found something that looked like it was made for her: A bright purple suit, studded over and over with rhinestones on all the rims and hems. However, we couldn’t find any shirt or blouse to go with it, so in the end she just wore a fishnet wifebeater shirt underneath, which she had with her all the time. She looked gorgeous. As for myself, I found a nice suit in my favourite colour, orange, that was a little more business-ish and less fancy than I would’ve liked, but I made it festive with a bright yellow shirt and ruby red tie underneath.

Hunting for all these outfits had taken all day, so it was already late when we ended up, hungry and exhausted, in one of the many diners around the city. We kept the newly bought outfits on, just for laughs, and earned a lot of weird glances from people wherever we went, which all of us found hilarious. Overall though, San Francisco is a very open and friendly city and gay people in weird outfits were commonplace enough for people to not be outraged any more. We were all the more taken aback when suddenly a group of young students, two girls and two guys, entered the diner, all in their high school jackets promoting some football team, the girls still wearing the short skirts and tops from their cheerleading practice, and started openly making fun of us, loud enough for us to hear.

“God, I hate gays,” one of the guys said as they took seats behind us.

“Yeaah,” a girl replied, in the bored tone of adolescents, that’s meant to show both disinterest and omniscience.

“I don’t know why they need to be gay,” the other guy joked. “No man would want to fuck them anyway, so they don’t have to worry about that.”

Stef rolled her eyes and leaned her head on her arm, stabbing at the rest of her pancakes with her fork, but didn’t say anything. Bibi, on the other hand, got visibly upset. Her face grew red and I could see the vein on her forehead, which was never a good sign. “Those fucking cretins,” she said in our local dialect. “I bet when I’m done with them, their momma’s won’t be able to tell their butts from their faces.”

I laughed, and replied, also in our language: “Wanna bet we can get the girlfriends to prefer pussy?” I asked, winking at Stefania.

After a few minutes, the two girls on the other table got up and left for the bathroom, while their boyfriends continued with their rude remarks. I nodded at Barbara and got up with Stef, strolling to the ladies’ rooms ourselves. Bibi stayed behind ordering another coffee.

When we entered the bathroom, the two girls were at the sinks, chattering, but got instantly silent when they saw us walk in. We went to a mirror next to them and I asked Stef for some make up. She dug around her purse and handed me some lipstick and eyeliner, which I took a painfully long time applying.

When the girls heard us talk in another language, they grew somewhat curious. “You’re not from around here, huh?” one of them asked, chewing some bubble gum as she eyed me up and down.

I smiled back at her and replied in my best fake broken english: “No, we from Italia.”

Stef grinned and leaned back against the sink. “Oh wow,” the other girl said. “I’m irish-italian myself.” She was quite thin and athletic, with long brunette hair that she had dried into long wavy curls, tanned skin, a very round, american face and cute dimples.

“Great,” Stefania said in italian. “It’s so good to meet a fellow countryman.”

The girl looked at her with a confused and empty stare and I punched her side with my elbow. “What she means is her ancestors came here from italy,” I told Stef, also in italian.

She laughed, and then began a long italian diatribe that would’ve put every sicilian fishmonger to shame, all the while smiling at her. “Ah, so you mean you have no clue about our culture, our language, our history, you wouldn’t find Italy on a map if your tits were pinned to it and your only connection is that some old cocksucker left there 150 years ago and came to America to fuck a donkey up the ass, which in some way created your family line.”

The girl looked at me puzzled. I smiled. “What she mean,” I said in english. “Is it’s wonderful to meet you and we love America. It’s been named after an italian after all, so we’re practically home.”

Her friend looked at us confused. She was blonde, about the same height as the “irish-italian” girl, also tanned and slim, though a little more muscular, and with the same round face. Both of them looked to be about 18 or 19 years old. Obviously we weren’t like anything she had encountered before and so she didn’t quite know how to deal with it. “What do you mean?” she asked.

Stefania rolled her eyes. “Amerigo Vespucci,” she said, making a gesture with her hand, then continued in italian: “God, you really don’t know anything, do you? You’ve sucked so much cock your brains got flushed out by cum?”

I grinned, trying hard not to laugh. “She say Amerigo Vespucci a famous italian explorer. America named after him.”

The girls looked at each other. “Whatever,” said the blonde and shrugged. “So what brings you to S.F.?”

“Our friends get married,” I replied.

“Awww,” both girls said, “how nice!”

I nodded. “Yes, there’s two brides, and we all going to be groomsmen,” I explained. They looked at each other.

“Oh,” said the blonde finally. “So… they’re two girls?”

I nodded again. “Oh yes, they been together forever.”

The dark-haired “irish-italian” made a sour face, as if she had suddenly swallowed a lemon. “Ewww,” she said. “Why do you have to do that? Can’t you be christian, like everyone else?”

I scratched my head. “What’s christian?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“You know,” the blonde said. “Like, a girl and a boy, getting married, having kids, like the bible says.”

Stef laughed and I cringed. “And no sex before marriage,” I said jokingly.

They looked back and said in earnest: “Yes, of course.”

I leaned back and crossed my arms in front of my chest. “So how do you know you good in bed, when you have no sex before marriage?” I asked.

“I’m good in bed!” the blonde protested.

“Oh, you made anyone cum yet?” I asked slyly. She didn’t answer, but looked grim. “So how you know you good in bed when you never made anyone cum?”

Her friend interrupted: “I’ve made boys cum!” she said.

I raised my eyebrow, saying: “Oh, but you don’t have sex?”

She shook her head violently. “Blowing them is not sex,” she said.

I laughed. “So what is sex?” I asked.

She looked at her friend, then said: “You know, when he’s in my… va-jay-jay.”

I looked surprised. “Your what?” I asked.

“My vagina!” she said, slightly unnerved.

I laughed. “Oh, so everything else is no sex?” I said. She nodded. “So, if you suck my pussy, we don’t have sex? And we no gay either?” I concluded. She shrugged, uncertain.

“Why would we do that?” her blonde friend asked.

I cocked my head to the side. “Maybe to see if you really good in bed as you say,” I answered. “Or maybe because this is only chance for you to learn about good sex from two older italian women.” I laughed. They looked at each other again as I took off my jacket and placed it onto the counter, stretching slightly and pushing my bust out more as I slowly stepped towards the dark haired girl, swaying my hips as I walked. She just watched me as I approached her and didn’t flinch when I placed my index finger on her lips. Slowly she parted them, wrapping them around my finger in a sucking pout as I cheekily pushed it in and out of her mouth. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see her friend watch her in shock.

I pulled the finger back and licked at it with my tongue, my face close enough to hers to feel her faint breath on my skin and smell her hair. I smiled again, closing my eyes as I sighed deeply and ran my hand inside the all-too-tight pants, managing to slip the wet index finger between my pussy lips and dip it into my moist juices, then pulled it back out. I stared at it quizzically and sighed. “Well, you not so bad, made me wet already,” I whispered. She grinned in response and reluctantly began tasting the finger again as I held it out to her. It must’ve had only a faint taste of pussy on it, but she finally sucked it into her mouth again, savouring the feeling. I could see her squirm and move nervously. She had a hard time holding back as she felt the need to finally touch herself.

Next to me, Stef had opened her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. Underneath, she was wearing one of her corsets that gave her already curvy figure an even more appetizing shape. Her big, busty breasts were hanging heavily over the top of the corset, dark areolas showing prominently around her hard, perky nipples. She backed the blonde against the sink and ran her hands down her body, caressing her young, athletic figure as she shivered, wandering lower and lower until she squatted, almost kneeling, in front of her pelvis. Determined, she pushed her little mini skirt up and instantly began licking across her pink panties underneath, at one point clenching them with her teeth and pulling at them, probably biting her clit in the process.

I shifted my attention back to my dark-haired beauty and smiled. “So this is not sex?” I said, innocently.

She swallowed hard but shook her head. “N-no,” she said. I nodded, reaching under her own skirt, my hand rubbing hard across her panties, feeling them wet and ever wetter as my finger pressed firm on her prominent, hard little clit.

“And this is not sex too?” I asked again. She shook her head, bus closed her eyes, moaning sligtly. I grinned, rubbing harder as my fingers slid sideways under her panties, feeling her soft warm skin and wet labia.

“Mmmh, but I can’t go in there, huh?” I asked, playfully running a finger across the entrance of her pussy.

She gasped, her mouth half open, and finally said: “N… no. I’m a virgin.” I chuckled, stifling a laugh as my fingers ran deeper, my wet index finger slipping up her butt crack until I felt her tight puckered anus.

Playfully, I ran it across and around, whispering again: “But in here is okay, then it’s no sex?” I look into her eyes as innocently as I can.

She doesn’t answer and just stays like this, with her eyes closed and arched slightly backwards against the sink, so I finally push my finger deeper, feeling it enter her tight ass as it wraps hot and tight around its length. I watch every breath, every movement of her body as I probe her. She gives off little gasps and her firm, small breasts were heaving and pushing upwards. I bent across her, starting to fuck her little ass with my finger and kiss her neck at the same time, working upwards until our lips meet each other and I taste her lipstick. She’s a bad kisser, or maybe just shy when it comes to kissing a girl, but I don’t really care. I slowly crouch, sliding down her body until my head is on level with her crotch.

Her pussy got already slightly exposed when my fingers slid underneath her panties. I pull them fully aside and take a moment to inspect her. She’s shaved, like young girls usually are, and smells… strange. Not like pussy at all, more like perfume, which turns me off. I shrug and begin to lick, still drilling her hot ass with my finger, which she seems to enjoy. She’s as tasteless as she is odorless, with only a faint hint of soap on her labia, her juices clear and bland, like water. I start sucking her, making sure her clit gets adequate and special treatment with my tongue, lips and teeth, until I feel her squirm heavily, groaning and moaning. I stop, short before she can come, pulling my finger out and look sideways at Stef. She’s working the blonde’s pussy as diligently and devotedly as she can. I push her side with my elbow and wink as she looks at me.

We both get up, leaving the girls breathing hard and visibly aroused. I kiss my bandmate, feeling her warm, soft tits against my chest, smelling the familiar fragrance of her hair and skin. The girls look at us confused. I shrug, trying hard not to laugh. “Well,” I say. “I wouldn’t want to make you gay, or take your virginity.”

Stef starts to giggle. “B-b-but…” says the irish-italian. “But I… we… what about us?” I turn to Stef who is just as aroused as me, and knows exactly what I want. She opens my pants and gets to her knees, pulling them down with her. For a moment the girls stare incredulous at my auburn pubic hair, before Stef buries her face in it and sucks my hairy muff hungrily and without hesitation. I don’t pay any attention to the teens anymore, but out of the corner of my eye I can see them both playing with themselves hesitantly.

Suddenly, the dark-haired one is next to Stef in front of me, almost kneeling down as far as my friend and looking up at me. “Can I help, too?” she asks. I smile and Stef kisses her, giving her a first taste of my cunt juices from her lips.

My big-tittet submissive friend crawls around me into my back while the young american teen takes her place, hesitantly running her fingers through my bush, parting my labia and touching them with the tip of her tongue. She looks at me puzzled, trying half-heartedly to lick. “What should I do,” she asks, pausing, while I can feel Stef parting my butt and running her tongue between my butt cheeks.

I shudder, whispering after a moment: “Mmmmhhh. What you like doing?”

The girl shook her head. “You’re the older one,” she says. “You need to tell me.”

Again, Stefania’s tongue on my ass, deeper this time, caressing my anus. I groan. “Uhhh, but what if you don’t like it?” I ask.

She shakes her head again. “Make me do it. Use me.”

I smile, grabbing her by her hair and pulling her face hard against my crotch. “Suck my cunt,” I say harshly. “Suck it deep and clean it with your mouth, make sure you get all the juices out and swallow them.” She stares at me for a moment, but then does as she is told. Her lips close around my labia and she begins to suck them into her mouth. The feeling alone gets my juices flowing even heavier than before, until I feel a river of slime running out of me. Throughout, Stefania keeps licking my ass, trying to get as deep inside with her tongue as she can.

The girl was hesitant, initially, but soon gets into it and just makes sure to do exactly as she is told, cleaning me as good as she can while getting as much of my cunt slime in her mouth as possible. Hands on her knees, her mouth is constantly on my pussy, lapping and licking. Her blonde friend is keeping to herself, rubbing her crotch as she watches from the sidelines. “Mmmmh,” I say finally, about to burst. “How do you like it? How do you like the taste of this mature cunt?”

She looks up at me, pausing for a moment. “Just… use me,” she says quietly. “Like I’m your whore daughter who gets taught a lesson.” I moan again as Stef begins probing my ass with her fingers, fucking me slowly and gently.

“Oh yes? In front of your friend?” I ask. Without looking at the blonde girl, the dark-haired beauty nods. I start gasping for air, close to cumming. “Open… your… mouth,” I pant, pressing the words out. Immediately she opens wide, looking up at me expectantly as I can feel it coming.

I squirt, hard, not even trying to hold back, making sure my faintly yellow stream of piss and cum hits her mouth. She swallows immediately, drinking, looking up at me at all times, wanting to show me what a good obedient whore-daughter she would be. As the force subsides, I just release pee onto her, most of which she manages to swallow, but in between gulps some spurts hit her cheerleader top and run down her tits. I don’t stop until my bladder is completely empty, making sure she got everything she could possibly give. Finally, I smile down at her. “You’re a good little piss-whore,” I say.

“Thank you, miss,” she answers sternly, still looking up at me, smears of pee all around her mouth.

“Do you have a name?” I ask.

She nods. “Larissa,” she says. “I’ll serve you whenever you need.”

Stef and me got dressed and we left the girls in the bathroom. When we got out, the guys were nowhere in sight, only Bibi sipping bored at her drink. “Took your sweet time,” she said as we got to her.

I shrugged. “Girls gotta eat,” I said laughing, then suddenly noticed some red stains on her knuckles. “What happened to you?” I asked curiously.

She smiled smugly. “Me and the boys had a little talk, and then they suddenly wanted to go.” I think we laughed all the way back to the hotel.


This was written on the request of a reader.

For Larissa.


Bush Walking

A year before I graduated from school, we got a new teacher for my English class. She arrived here straight from graduating university. Her name was Mrs. Black. She did not look quite like a teacher with nice clothes, decent make-up and a gorgeous haircut.

Her light brunette hair fell in gigantic waves around her sweet and somehow regal-looking beautiful face. I don’t know how it stayed like that all day long. I was kind of jealous she always looked amazing.

At the time, I was pretty unruly and loud mouthed in class. Since I was also pretty good at English, she let me do my own thing. All she ever did was give me those looks, which made me shut up right away. Back then, I didn’t quite know what to make of them, but today I’m sure she had the hots for me.

Also at the time, we had a school outing for PE every year. I hated PE in general and thought, going on this stupid bush walk was stupid. I tried to somehow get away from everyone and walk alone.

Right after we started, I slowly fell away from the group. As we got further into the forest, I looked for a secluded spot and acted as if I had to go pee suddenly.

I waited there until I knew everyone else passed me. The weather was nice. It grew quiet and somehow everything became peaceful and intimate. I started playing with myself. Even back then, I liked wearing dresses and skirts with nothing underneath.

I went and sat behind a tree in a little depression on the ground and started masturbating. When I was finished playing with myself, I suddenly heard a noise from behind a different tree. I looked around and saw something move. Startled, I tried to sneak away quietly, hiding behind a tree from what was going on.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mrs. Black lay there with a hand in her open jeans, her eyes closed and the other hand underneath her blue sweatshirt.

Maybe I was too surprised, or too excited, or too hasty, but I lost my footing and fell with a loud rustling into the bush in front of me.

When I got back up again, Mrs. Black looked at me surprised and stuttered, “Uh, hello … hello, Rebecca. I … I didn’t notice you standing there.”

I just mumbled, “That’s alright, I was doing it, myself.”

Mrs. Black smiled shyly. I didn’t quite know what to do. I felt stupid standing around like this and asked, “So, are you finished?” I tried to avoid staring at her open pants. She looked at me clueless. “I mean, did you come?”

She blushed. “Oh, uh, no, I mean, I did, I just wanted to, go for a quick pee.” She stuttered while she tried to avoid looking at me.

I was speechless for a moment and must’ve gotten even paler than I usually was. “Oh!” I finally said, “Well, I’ll … wait for you then,” walking a little bit sideways without looking.

She acted as if she tried to pee, but I couldn’t hear anything. After a while I asked, “Is it not working?”

“No,” she sighed and got back up. “I can’t, when I feel watched.”

We walked on in quiet, but she was visibly nervous. Maybe she was afraid that I saw her. After a while she couldn’t stand it anymore and asked, “So, what was it you meant earlier?”

I acted clueless, “When earlier?” I said playfully. “Well, you thought about something else when you saw me, I think.”

Now it was my turn to stammer, “No, well. I don’t know. I don’t remember. I just saw …” Great Rebecca, just great, I thought to myself. Now she knows I saw something.

“I saw you standing there,” I finished the sentence.

“I see,” she said.

Now I was insecure and nervous and wanted to know how much she noticed about me. “And you?” I asked.

She looked at me surprised and again with that special look. “Well, Rebecca, I think I saw the same.”

We both stopped in our tracks, I remembered her caressing my hair. I got wet between my legs all of a sudden, which felt cold against my thighs in the cool forest air.

Suddenly she asked, “Did you come?” I was shocked, didn’t know how to answer and just nodded. She smiled. “I didn’t, sadly.”

“Do you … I mean … uh, um, want to finish it?” I asked shyly.

She smiled again. Instead of an answer, she asked me. “Do you want to watch me some more?”

I nodded again.

She looked around and headed for a clearing a good distance from the forest path, which stood hidden behind high bushes and a few trees. There she looked for a nice, warm, sunlit spot and opened her pants again. She pushed them down in front of me along with her panties. The first thing I noticed was her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Prior to that time, I hadn’t seen many women naked and all of them were much older than I was and shaved only a little or not at all. Mrs. Black however, had her bush nicely cut and brought into shape. It was not so short that it looked naked, but short enough for her hair to lie nicely around her slit.

She squatted down and slowly opened her thighs, gently stroking inwards. She closed her eyes again and started rubbing her clit. I stared at her. My hand wandered by itself under my dress and to my pussy. She opened her eyes and saw how I stood in front of her.

I stood there with my skirt hitched up and played with my wet pussy. Mrs. Black seemed to enjoy the view.

“Come here,” she said. I came closer and she took my hand and pulled me directly in front of her.

I had to spread my legs across hers to get there. This further opened my already slightly spread pussy. She inserted her index finger very casually into me.

It slid all the way inside me immediately. I felt it deep inside me, exploring my vagina. An incredible feeling came over me. I think I came again in that moment, just in a different way.

She began sucking my clit with her lips, while her finger slid in and out of me. Finally, she took another finger and filled my pussy up with them one after another. She crooked them inside slightly upward, which felt unbelievably good. Suddenly I got wetter than ever before.

Ashamed, I tried to hold it in, but to no avail. Mrs. Black pressed her thumb on my clit and rubbed it hard against my pelvis, while her fingers fucked me.

I came. I came so strongly my legs gave in and I almost fell on top of her. The world around me was blurry. When I could see again, Mrs. Black knelt above me and looked worried. I must’ve seemed happy, because she smiled when I opened my eyes.

Instantly I reached for her breasts and massaged them. I could feel her big hard nipples through the sweatshirt. I pushed up her sweatshirt and noticed she didn’t wear any bra. Her breasts hung above mine. They looked much bigger than I imagined.

“You like my breasts?” she asked.

I didn’t say anything, just caressed them. “Take them into your mouth,” she begged, as she rubbed them across my face.

I started licking her nipples. They tasted salty like skin, but somewhat sweet as well and smelled fantastic. I sucked them, which she liked a lot. I got increasingly more daring, enticing me.

“Yes, suck my nipples, Rebecca.” This, in turn, excited me as well. I learned, since then, that dirty talk was my main turn on.

She must’ve noticed that too, because she finally asked, “You want to lick my pussy?”

Before I could answer, she already straddled my head. Her pussy smelled strongly of woman, and her own, fantastic body. I touched it with one finger. I was surprised at how soft, warm and wet she was.

I raised my head and touched her labia with my tongue, not knowing how to do it. “Right,” she uttered. I licked everything I could see. Her pussy tasted even saltier and stronger than her breasts, and her pubic hair tickled my tongue.

I tried to get inside her with the tip of my tongue, but didn’t get very far. Afraid to disappoint her, I took my fingers instead and pushed them gently down her pussy.

She moaned loudly: “Yesss. Fuck me.”

I did as ordered and pushed my fingers hard inside her. Only then, I noticed how large her pussy was, while I already filled her with my two fingers. My two fingers didn’t even feel any resistance. So, I took a third finger and fucked her further.

“Yes, just like that!” she moaned and moved her body rhythmically along with my thrusts. “Fuck me like a woman!”

I was unsure what she meant. “How, like a woman?” I asked.

“More!” she said, so I squeezed my pinkie up her hungry pussy as well and pushed them all in up to the knuckles.

This drove her crazy. “Yes! Give it to my cunt, you dirty piece of shit,” she hissed. The word “cunt” turned me on even more, and I started pounding her mercilessly.

That was when I noticed her inserting a finger into her “other” hole, seemingly hooking it in. It was the first time that I saw something like that and I felt torn between disgust, curiosity, horniness and needing that myself.

Her pussy stretched wide now all red and slippery. Her juices ran down my hand. I suddenly had an idea that turned me on so much I couldn’t help but try it.

I pulled my hand out of her and licked it a little, just to taste her juices. I inserted two of my gooey fingers into my own pussy and fucked myself.

The idea of her juices mingling with mine excited me to no end. I licked her again, so I wouldn’t neglect her, wilder and more daring than before. My tongue accidentally touched her anus and she tasted very differently there, spicy, but not bad. Finally, I inserted the other two fingers into my own pussy again.

They were slippery, and I was so excited that they went in straight away. The feeling that spread inside me was incredible.

I fucked myself, I sucked on her and she fucked herself. She seemed to have gone off completely.

“You little horny bitch, suck my juices out of my pussy, you fucking slut,” she called me.

I bit her clit, just to show her who the slut was. “You dirty pig,” I answered.

She watched me and touched herself, “You horny bitch.”

I pulled her clit with my teeth. I didn’t care if she hurt or not, I wanted to show her that her little horny bitch could stand up to her.

To my surprise she came, and stronger than I thought possible.

A gush erupted from her pussy and hit me straight in my face. Parts of it landed in my mouth, the rest covered my nose, eyes and hair.

At first, I thought she peed on me. The thought of it made me so shocked and excited. I came as well at the same time. The liquid tasted too much of pussy though, which left me wondering.

Exhausted, she sank to the ground next to me. She reached for my juice-covered hand and smeared it on her breasts before she licked it clean.

I watched her excited and curious. She was just a few years older than I was, but she taught me more on that day than I learned in English the whole year.


The Party Favor, an excerpt

Jamel ran into the video game store and quickly found one of the games he was looking for but could not find the other. He walked to the counter and saw Susie the young Asian woman who worked the morning shift at the store. Susie was a slim 22 year old woman but she had curves in all the right places and it was obvious she worked out.

Jamel knew that Susie liked him and wanted to get with him. He figured if there were any copies of the game he wanted left she would hook him up.

Jamel walked up to the counter and smiled. “Hey Susie, you pretty lady you.”

Susie blushed and smiled. “Hey Jamel. What can I do for you?”

Jamel feigned a frown. “I was looking for Steal a Car IV but you don’t seem to have it.”

Susie shrugged her shoulders. “Sorry Jamel, they are all sold out and all I have left is one pre order that is already paid for.”

Jamel smiled. “I’ll pay double for that pre order.”

Susie laughed and crossed her arms. ‘Not happening. That pre order belongs to a little boy that worked all summer doing odd jobs to get it.”

Jamel through his hands up in the air. “Come on Susie I need that game, I’ll do anything.”

Susie smiled and looked down at Jamel’s crotch. “Anything?”

Jamel looked down at his crotch and then back at Susie. “Really?”

Susie sauntered to the front door and turned the open sign to closed and then started to the back of the store. “Yes, really.”

Jamel shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “Oh well a man has to do what a man has to do.”

By the time Jamel got to the back of the store Susie was already naked and laying on a couch in the employee lounge.

Jamel began to get rock hard as he looked at Susie. She looked slim in her clothes but actually had a nice figure underneath. Jamel smiled and kicked his shoes off. He dropped his jeans and boxers and started toward Susie.

Susie’s eyes grew wide as she looked at Jamel’s dick. “Oh my God!”

Jamel grabbed his dick. “You ready for this big black dick?”

Susie rubbed her pink pussy. “Oh yeah!”

Jamel smiled and pulled Susie from the couch by her arm. He kissed her and then bent her over the couch. He began to rub her pussy which was already dripping wet. Jamel kissed her back as he inserted one finger and hen a second one into her wet pussy.

Susie moaned softly. “Stop playing.”

Jamel laughed. “Okay, you asked for it.”

Jamel slowly inserted the tip of his dick. Susie’s entire tensed up as the tip entered her. “Go slow. It hurts!”

Jamel slowly pumped the head of his dick in and out of Susie. Each time he went a little deeper. He looked down at his dick entering Susie’s pussy and saw that she was creaming like crazy as his dick went deeper and deeper.

Susie smacked the wall. “Oh shit Jamel!”

Jamel laughed. “Just a few more inches to go.”

A few minutes later Susie was taking the full ten inches and screaming in ecstasy as Jamel pounded away and slapped her ass every so often.

“It’s so big!” exclaimed Susie.

Jamel fucked her harder and harder and begun pulling her hair and kissing her neck.

As Susie screamed Jamel pumped even harder until Susie’s whole body began to convulse as she came.

Jamel stopped pumping as Susie slid off his dick and crumpled to the couch quivering.

Jamel gabbed his dick and looked down at her and smiled. “My turn!”

Jamel laid her out on the couch and dove on top of her. Jamel entered her roughly and began stroking away.

Susie smacked his ass with both hands and he pushed her legs up to her head and began to pound away.

Susie came again as Jamel’s balls slammed up against her ass. ”Jamel!”

Minutes later Jamel pulled out and nutted all over Susie’s stomach.

Jamel looked at Susie. “Was that worth that video game?”

Susie smiled as she fondled Jamel’s dick. “Shit, fuck that little boy!”



A Good Servant

He was waiting patiently for his turn. He knew he held no power over what was going to happen, but still, he had a modicum of hope that he would not end up with a bad master. The training had been hard enough; all the young men prepared to serve in the lavish houses of Drena were talking endlessly about the life of luxury and delights waiting for them behind the heavy iron doors of the Institution. As soon as they reached twenty-one years of age, they were considered old enough and trained enough to serve the masters.

The last three years had been hellish, as far as Cory could remember. When he’d gone to apply for a simple worker position at the factory, they had rejected him, telling him he was too pretty for that kind of work. At the time, he had no idea what being pretty had to do with anything. Unfortunately for him, soon enough he found out.

Cory seriously doubted that things would change once they were sent to their masters. What kind of masters needed that kind of unforgiving training? After all this time, he still had felt a chill down his spine, remembering how the wooden device was shoved slowly down his throat, forcing him to ignore his gag reflex. He vaguely knew that this kind of training was needed for entertaining the masters’ stables of pleasure slaves. On the other hand, any manifestation of sexual desires between the walls of the Institution was badly punished. When two of the boys had been caught kissing, they had been beaten so badly by the servant wranglers that they had to be sent eventually to work the factories, their beauty compromised forever. What had been worse, the rest had been forced to watch their punishment.

What stood behind that reasoning of keeping them pure in one way and shamelessly dirty in another was beyond Cory’s comprehension. But he knew one thing, unlike the others. That any master they would get, the hell would just continue.

They were set in lines, apart from one another, so that their would be masters would have plenty of room to examine them thoroughly. The fact that they were naked was the least of their concern. They would be probed and touched and verified everywhere. The biggest fear, after all, was that they would be deemed unfit. A certain percentage was always rejected. Some went back to training. Others were sent to hard work, in factories, a fate that seemed a death of some sort for many of them. Cory had no such fears. He would have preferred working hard but honestly instead of being trained and taught to fawn over empty headed slaves and their hypocritical masters.

It was not a matter of choice, though. Apparently, his fate had been already drawn by others, and he held no control over it. It didn’t help, either, that he was quite a sensual being, by nature. Being forced to perceive any sexual activity they had been trained for as just duty, a necessity with no further consequences for a task well done had been particularly painful. He had almost had a lover a long time ago, in a life that had happened before being sent to be chewed and spit by the bowels of the Institution. He still had his regrets that he hadn’t lost his virginity back then, to the boy he’d been in love with.

Arousal of any kind was strictly forbidden. Any sign of such a thing was strictly punished. Cory could vouch that a cane over an aroused member was among the worst kind of pain. “You are nothing but a convenience, an utility, molded to serve. Such lewd desires will be quashed.” Those were just some of the words the trainers at the institution kept on telling them. And many of them were transformed into senseless dummies. Cory was not, unfortunately for him, one of them. He hadn’t dared stimulating himself in a long time, but that didn’t mean they could enter his thoughts, deny him the desire he still nurtured inside himself that someday he would be held, embraced and loved by another human being. As he grew up, transforming into at young man, dark desires began assaulting his mind; surrounded by beautiful boys of the same age, he started fantasizing. Sometimes he thought about being held down and penetrated by the others, used as a recipient of their pent up desires. He dreamed about sucking their beautiful cocks until his mouth was full. He never acted on his desires though. Being forced into abstinence was a really tough punishment for Cory. Knowing that a life without sex was waiting for him made him desperate.

He was pulled out of his mind by the low murmurs. It was a clear sign that the buyers were there. All the servants assumed the position, their eyes cast down, their hands tightly held together at their back, their legs parted. It was an unforgivable impudence for a servant to raise his eyes, to see the masters.

A soft swish of clothes was the only sign that the masters were already present. Questions were never asked; it was assumed that the trainers had done a perfect job, so the only procedure applied was this visualization session. If a master liked what he saw, he took. That was all.

He could tell by the sound of steps that some of the young men around him were already being taken away. Finally, someone stopped next to him. A gloved hand touched his chest slowly, examining him. Cory could not breathe. It was finally there, the moment when he was going to be taken away, and condemned forever to serve as an appliance in some master’s home.

The hand continued, steadily, its explorations. It was now touching the small of his back, just under his clasped hands, then it suddenly descended on his buttocks, squeezing one hard.

He knew he should have stand still. But, despite his better judgment, he jolted and snapped his head up, looking straight at the man handling him like he was nothing but a toy. If the man was surprised, he didn’t show it. Cory stared into a pair of cold grey eyes for a couple of long seconds, before he was grabbed by strong hands to be taken away.

He could hear the trainer’s low voice apologizing, like through a haze. But then he saw the owner of those steel eyes making a small gesture, and he was let go. He breathed heavily through his mouth. He’d been close to being rejected; he’d missed his chance. Desperately, he searched for the grey eyes again. He opened his mouth to say something, to yell, or do something outrageous, but the gloved hand covered it swiftly, and a short change of glances determined him to keep it shut. He nodded imperceptibly, and the hand moved, caressing his cheek briefly.

The custom demanded that the servant was going to be ‘packed’ by the trainers and sent to the master’s house. So Cory was surprised to see himself pushed to move behind his new master, completely naked. He didn’t say anything. After all, shame was not something servants knew or understood. So he started treading lightly behind the man now owning him. His soles felt the ground he was stepping on as if was trying to bind him, but he forced his feet to move, and follow his fate.

*** ***

Now he was standing in front of his new master who was comfortably seated on a lavish chair, his hands crossed in his lap, with what looked like an amused look on his face. Cory could not help staring. The man was handsome, much more beautiful than any other he had seen in his short life. He had short brown hair, neatly combed over his head, and high cheekbones, lovingly balanced by sensual lips. The gray eyes no longer looked so cold. They even had a certain warmth in them.

“So, am I passing the test?” a deep, baritone worthy voice asked, and Cory blushed deeply. Being fair skinned, with blond hair and light blue eyes, his embarrassment was easy to read.

“I … I don’t really understand the question, master.”

“Oh, but I think you do. Cory, why did you raise your eyes? You know the punishment for it.”

Cory’s forehead became all wrinkles.

“Do not over think it. Just tell me.”

“I … master touched me.”

He looked with frighten eyes at the man on the chair. Even seated, he looked so tall, compared to Cory’s smaller frame. Was the man wanting to learn the truth?

“And? Am I not allowed to touch you?” The man seemed amused.

Cory shook his head. “Forgive me, master. I have no idea what got into me.”

He fell to his knees, letting his head touched the man’s shoes in obedience.

“I didn’t tell you that you could kneel,” the man’s voice became thicker.

Cory got up, trembling. He felt fear, pure and deep, turning his blood into ice. He knew what the trainers could do to him. What a master could do with a worthless servant, he didn’t.

“Speak. Loud and clearly. Don’t even think about lying.”

“I wanted … not to be touched. I wanted to be free,” he said with difficulty, swaying slightly on his feet.

Laughter made him stop. He looked at the man, not sure if he could believe his ears. His new master was laughing so hard, it made the chair creak. In the end, the laughter subdued. “Well, Cory, you certainly are entertaining. I somehow felt you would be different. So, to make things clear, step closer.”

Cory moved, although his feet felt like lead. He noticed how the man’s hands were still in his black leather gloves, so tight that he could see the outlines of the knuckles through the material. Like a magician trying to warm up before a trick, the hands stretched, flexing long, elegant fingers.

“Let’s see,” the voice grew deeper, laced with promises. Cory was pulled closer by the gloved hands firmly grabbing his buttocks. He gasped. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to focus on letting his mind go blank, as his master started kneading his buttocks, parting them and getting closer and closer to his rear entrance. He felt his organ twitching; he knew he was expected to behave like a sexless being. Soon, his new master would learn the truth and he would be shamed, sent back to training or worse.

“Stop,” he begged. “Master, please.”

“Why? Open your eyes, Cory.”

With great difficulty, he did. The gray eyes stared into his, then traveled down to his groin. When their eyes connected again, the master was smiling.

“So, no amount of beating at the Institution was enough to drive sensuality out of you … Is this what you are trying to hide?”

Cory nodded, lost for words.

“Good,” the man said shortly. “Let’s set some ground rules, Cory. My name is Xavier, and I am your master. My first request is that you forget about what you were taught about having to hide your arousal.”

The look on the young man’s face must have been priceless. Xavier chuckled softly. “Really, they should not insist so much on forcing servants against their nature as males. Sooner or later, they are all used for this, by slaves and even their masters.”

By masters? Cory stared at his master in disbelief. “But masters have their pleasure slaves, who are much more beautiful,” he spoke, without thinking.

“Glad to see that the cat didn’t get your tongue, Cory. I do not keep such slaves. I found them completely boring.”

“But … isn’t it … odd?”

Xavier laughed again. “What does the color of my clothes tell you, Cory?”

It was only then that Cory looked closer at the man’s attire. He was completely dressed in black, austere clothes. Surrounded by luxury, slaves and servants, the rulers, the highest class of masters, had only one restriction to abide to. Their clothes could be of no other color but black.

“Master, you are among the rulers,” he whispered.

“Not very perceptive, are you?” Xavier chuckled. “However, the point is that I can do everything I want, including having fun with my newly acquired servant.”

Cory gulped.

“I have one curiosity,” the man’s hands started moving again, this time going upwards, caressing Cory’s flanks. “How did you manage to fool them? A simple touch is making you hot like this.”

Then Xavier changed his tactic, this time choosing to touch Cory’s nipples, rubbing them between his index fingers and thumbs, mercilessly.

“Master,” the young servant almost shouted. “No one touched me … so no one knew I didn’t … respond to training.”

“No one has ever touched you?”

Cory hesitated. This wasn’t missed by clever gray eyes. “Who touched you?” Xavier’s voice became suddenly harsh. “I don’t intend to tolerate this. If you are not a virgin, I will send you back.”

The servant felt a pang in his chest. He didn’t want to be sent back. A single tear fell on his cheek. “I had a lover once. But he didn’t, … we didn’t go all the way.”

“Turn and bend,” the master demanded, and he did as told.

A finger entered him harshly and he cried out. He was pushed on his fours on the plush carpet, and his butt cheeks were parted roughly. “You are saying that you are still a virgin?”

“Yes, master.”

“Then we must remedy this situation. I will take you now, Cory.”

“Yes, master.”

“I wasn’t asking for your approval. Come and make it wet. This is your first punishment. For letting someone touch you.”

Cory felt weak to his knees. He felt as if he should have argued, but he knew better. As he turned, on his hands and knees, he was faced with the man’s organ, released from tight black pants. It was engorged, angry looking, a thick vein on its tight surface. What made him in fear was the size, though. He used his mouth to grab the head and engulf it in his hot cavern. He was trembling on the inside, but in the same time he was feeling the familiar warmth in his belly. He was aroused, his an organ bobbing between his legs, painful in its needy desire.

The servant moaned with the head of his master’s cock in his mouth. He lapped at it, suckling it. Xavier caressed his hair and laughed softly. “I should not be mad at you … shouldn’t I? Tell me, Cory, do you want your master inside you? You’re still a virgin, don’t forget.”

Cory let the hard organ out of his mouth to respond. “Please, master, I want all of you inside me,” he whispered. Long thick eyelashes fluttered, as the servant got back to his task. This time, he took more into his mouth, pushing the man’s cock deep inside, down his throat, revealing in the sensation of being filled so perfectly. His master allowed his ministrations, his breath becoming ragged, as well.

He was taken by surprise when the long hard cock was pulled away from his mouth. He whimpered at the loss.

“Don’t worry, Cory, you will satisfy your master later with your mouth. I am really looking forward to enjoy your oral skills. You really seem to have a knack for it, too. Now, lie on your back and part your legs. Pray that you did a good job at getting my cock wet enough.”

Cory felt as if he didn’t mind anything. But when the blunt head pushed against his entrance, his fear got back in full force, waning his erection. “Master, please, I’ll die!”

“Use your saliva,” Xavier demanded curtly, withdrawing a little. Cory hurriedly complied.

When his master pushed again, he closed his eyes tightly, trying hard to relax. He felt warm breath on his face, ghostly like. “You will not die. You will love it.”

The master had to be wrong. The excruciating pain made him scream, as the entire length was pushed inside him. The man remained still, letting the smaller body adjust. Cory felt the pain receding and slowly opened his eyes. His master was looming over him, watching him intently. “I will move now, Cory. Trust me.”

And he did. As his master moved inside him, his pain turned into discomfort, then slowly into an unfamiliar ache. Suddenly, the man changed the angle, and Cory grabbed at the strong arms, crying out, this time in pleasure. It felt as if his own stiff organ was rubbed at its roots from the inside and he let himself prey to the sensation.

“Don’t touch yourself,” the command came, and he bit his lip. It was nothing he wanted more right now. His master was slamming hard inside him, thrusting with incredible force, and he felt helpless. Liquid came unbound, spewed from his untouched organ, feeling him with a pleasure so intense his eyes rolled in his head.

“You came without being allowed to,” Xavier commented through his own grunts.

It didn’t look like his master was upset, though. If anything, the servant’s disobedience seemed to have triggered a new level of arousal in Xavier, who was now moving so fast, it made Cory’s back rub against the thick carpet, like he was without his own capacity to dictate his moves on his own. When the master voiced his release, Cory felt happy. Fulfilled.

Withdrawing slowly from his servant’s lovely body, Xavier commented. “A natural bottom, this is what you are, Cory. Now open your mouth.”

His own essence was gathered from his belly by gloved fingers, then pushed into his mouth, while he was still trying to catch his breath. He sucked at the fingers, tasting himself and expensive leather. That earned him another appreciative chuckle from his master.

“Have you ever tasted a man’s essence?”

“No, master. They trained my mouth, but not with the real thing.”

“So, what do you think?”

“I want to taste master’s, too.”

“Cory, you sly fox, you just got over your interview.”


“I never hire servants unless I try them personally. And I must say you are the first to pass it with flying colors.”

“Do you have many servants, master?”

“Not at the moment, no. I am afraid you will have to look after this big house on your own. And, of course, after me,” Xavier added smiling.

Cory looked at his master with admiration in his eyes. His forehead was caressed briefly. “You belong to me now, Cory. You will like it here. Now, prepare the bath. I seemed to have exerted myself a little,” the master added with a smug smile.



The real, penetrating story of my sexual diversity.

At first I was really quite pleased with myself, I’d managed to just lie there like a princess and have thunderous sex, on ten or eleven occasions with a very attractive young gay guy and still convince myself that it was a mere extension of my unconventional hyper-heterosexuality. But every time this 17 year old Adonis, plunged his perfect eight inches into me it was a little more difficult than the last to keep my tattered masculine self image intact.
I’d been so internally homophobic that I left it to Oliver to do all the seducing, all the hard work to get me to agree to lie face down over over the back of his huge art deco leather lounge with my jeans down around my ankles, while he’d fingered lube into me, and then made me realise what I’d been missing out on.

After that it was just too easy to simply lie there and believe that because I was letting him use my body, that was collaboration enough, but I didn’t feel really good about it. Although he never said anything, and in a way liked me acting hard to get, I had the nagging feeling that I was being a lot like the kind of girls who really piss me off, the ones who think they’re doing you a big favour when they spreads their legs, and that you should be grateful for that honour.

I realised that I would soon have come to grips with my confusing and contradictory sexuality and start reciprocating. To do to him all the wonderful things he did to me.

But first I had to confront the substantial emotional trauma of admitting to myself, that despite having always been obsessed with girls the fabled euphoria other men apparently experienced when fucking their pussies was never going to happen for me.

Whenever I had sex with a girl, it would provide a brief intense pleasure but ten minutes later I would invariably be filled with a debilitating sense of foreboding and dissatisfaction. I came to realise that whenever I looked down on a girl with her legs open, that was where I wanted to be, not on the top but on the bottom. My days being exclusively straight were over.

Although I have never been judgemental towards others and have close gay friends, I also remained internally at least, chronically homophobic, the “bi-product”I think of a very bigoted and violent family.

So I didn’t know which way to turn.

Whenever I tried to visualise rimming Oliver, giving him oral and then swallowing his load as he often did with me, just the thought of it made me nauseous, there was so much internal resistance to crossing this line I couldn’t even contemplate it. Surprisingly I think I probably could have done so if I thought I was gay because that would have been my undeniable reality and I would have had to just get on with my life as a normal homosexual and accept it.

But I knew I wasn’t gay, my primary orientation had always been girls and the only kind of men I had ever been attracted to weren’t men, they were teen boys 16 to 18 and always very feminine looking, which I felt was probably more a case of “the exception proving the rule” than evidence I might be gay.

I couldn’t do it under the guise of being a bi-sexual either. Because I didn’t accept there was any such thing as a man who is “neither one thing nor the other – but at the same time both”

This was probably because my gay friends had always maintained that Bi’s were simply gays in denial, and as I wasn’t gay I found myself trapped in a sexual no man’s land, yearning for both sexualities but belonging to neither.

Oliver would prove to hold the key for me. He had an exceptionally beautiful dancers body. He was athletically male, strong and well hung, but at the same time waxed all over and lightly curvaceous, he accommodated beautifully my need for sexual ambiguity.

And he possessed probably the most important attribute any lover can offer me; a raging desire for my body, and in particular my bottom which was rapidly establishing itself over my penis as the main focus of my sexuality.

And so one night, incapable of any more self criticism and guilt, I said to myself “that’s it, I can’t stand living in this limbo, I am going to go over and see him and force myself to suck him off, and to hell with my paranoia, revulsion, shame, self loathing” (and so on.)

It started as usual with lots of touching and him kissing me on the neck as he slowly stripped me, but this time under my T-shirt and jeans I’d decided to explore another one of my secret contradictions and wear beautiful transparent black silk lace knickers, a camisole and black lace stay-up stockings. I thought they might help me across the line, to make me more adventurous and really accept, that as I always felt so intensely girly when I was with Oliver, then perhaps it was time I started behaving like one.

I was instantly delighted and relieved that instead of laughing at me or seeming shocked, Oliver became even more flattering than usual about my body and more aroused, and soon I found myself being forced back onto the bed with the camisole pushed up above my breasts and knickers around my ankles, He pulled them off and lifted my legs back, opening them wide, that magic moment when I always begin to tremble uncontrollably and my breathing starts going ballistic in anticipation of the standard gay prelude to penetration.

I pulled them back even further so my waxed boy-pussy was lifted up for his mouth but then it hit me, my dressing as a girl had completely changed my attitude to gratifying a man, as I writhed and moaned with his tongue probing deeper and deeper into me I grabbed his head and suddenly pulled him up to me. For the first time in my life, I began to passionately kiss another man.

My ultra-femininity seemed to create in him a corresponding ultra-masculinity and I found myself lifted clean off the bed as I wrapped my legs around him to hold on. He carried me over to the wall, held me with one powerful hand under my bottom and with the other spread my cheeks and guided his hardness into me. I knew with perfect clarity in that moment something which I would never have believed possible just an hour ago. As he held me up against the wall and started thumping in and out of me I realised that my sexual destiny was to be a woman-with-a-cock and to service men.

I whispered for him to let me go and I slid down his body and onto my knees.

I knew instinctively what do, it was as if I’d been sucking cock every day my life, he moaned and gasped so loudly I started to wonder how I would ever be able to sneak out from his apartment later, under the hostile glare of a dozen disgusted neighbours. But for now I didn’t care, I loved feeling a man’s cock in my mouth. I started to pinch his foreskin, pulling it away from his shaft and rubbing it quickly in little circles between my finger tips, at the same time slipping my lips back and forth over the purple tinged, satin smoothness of his beautifully sculptured knob.

Now I decided to would go where I’d never even imagined I could. I held his long thick organ out straight and let it press deep into the back of my throat, coughing and spluttering as globs of saliva dribbled down my chest but I wouldn’t give up, I was determined to give him everything, and I soon had all of his 8 inches in so deep I felt his moist stomach pressed into my face

I felt powerful, in control, blissfully happy and finally totally comfortable in my skin. Even my always-desperate need to be fucked had receeded into the background and just didn’t see all that important anymore.

I guided him down onto the bed and began to masturbate him quickly as my tongue and lips slid across his glistening knob. The first little gushes of pre-cum tasted mild and inoffensive, in fact I mused happily to myself, even delicious in a weird neutral kind of a way. I smiled and now rubbed my pursed lips back and forth across his tip at neck-breaking speed, pinching and rubbing his foreskin as my other hand stroked him up and down also at a furious rate.

And then suddenly in just a few seconds and an explosion of creamy opalescence, ten years of utter confusion and crippling fear was resolved.

The greatest ordeal in my life was extinguished in a pulsing fountain of semen shooting into my mouth and across my face. As thin streaks of his watery cream landed in the back of my throat and I struggled not to cough, I found that I swallowed the spurts of Oliver’s mildly astringent love juice without even thinking about it.

I put my hand under his smooth, heavy balls and stretched a finger right back to just penetrate his anus and help along the last of his spasms. I felt a little sad that it hadn’t been deposited in my pussy, where I could pretend it might fertilise me. Now I let the frothy cocktail of semen and saliva in my mouth spill onto my cock and began to to masturbate. Oliver gallantly rose up on one arm and summonsed the energy to finger me, but I didn’t need it, ejaculating was just for closure, my real climax had been continuous and unrelenting. It had been curling around inside me when I’d first cast adrift a lifetime of fear and licked the sublime smoothness of his manhood; when I’d realised how female that made me feel; when he’d entered me and rammed me up against the wall; when Id felt like I was being lifted up by a huge meat hook, speared between my legs.

My cum spilling lazily over my stomach was just to give me closure.

Later Oliver told me I’d given him the best blow job of his life and considering what a revolving door stud he was, I felt incredibly fulfilled. I finally I knew that I was neither straight nor gay, male nor female, but all four in one.


Restaurant Surprise

I walk into the restaurant where you are having your business dinner.

Sitting at the bar I order a Rum and Coke. My drink arrives and I take it in my hand, I swivel the bar stool around and scan the tables.

Even though I never saw you, I immediately hone in on your table. The connection I have with you made that possible.

I slide off the stool and with my purse and drink in hand. I start walking to your table. You look up and see me and our eyes lock on each other. You look me up and down. I’m wearing a purple evening dress, with lipstick and nail polish to match. My black strapped stilettos are clicking across the floor.

You are looking a little uncomfortable now, squirming in your seat. I approach the guy seated to your right. I bend over to whisper in his ear, his eyes are fixated on my cleavage. My request to him is if I can have his seat. As he starts to get up I give his ear a soft kiss along with a thank you.

He gets another chair and sits to my right. You stand up and place the chair behind me, I sit and thank you for your kindness with a smile.

I apologize to the table for the disruption and ask them to carry on as they were. They are making small talk. I look at you and tell you how nice it is to see you. You tell me how pretty I look and ask if I would like another drink. I decline the offer and continue sipping the drink I already have.

You start talking business with your colleagues. I place my left hand on your thigh and rub it up and down. No one seems to notice. My hand passes over your crotch and I can feel your hard cock against your zipper. I unzip your pants to release your cock. When I grab your hard cock with my hand, your conversation becomes interrupted, with you clearing your throat. I look at you and hand you a glass of water. You thank me with a head nod and a nervous smile.

My stroking continues and you maintain your composure. Feeling you getting harder in my hand is exciting me. My dress is already up to my thighs. I look at the guy to my right and he is so into listening to you, that he doesn’t notice my fingers finding it’s way to my slit.

Rubbing my slit up and down makes my clit hard and it peeks out.

My hand is working overtime on your cock and on the down stroke I release your balls. Your hips are rocking back and forth and our movements are in sync. I lean back in my chair as I put 2 fingers in my wet pussy. I let out a soft moan. I am in the zone of no return now.

I glance at the guy to my right again and I notice he is rubbing his crotch. His eyes are focused on my pussy. Never one to miss an opportunity, I pull his hand to my pussy. I spread my legs apart and he replaces my fingers with his. His thumb is rubbing my clit with each thrust, as his fingers go in and out of my pussy. I’m so wet, it is making swishing noises.

I hear you tell your colleagues that it is time for a fifteen minute break. The guy to my right pulls out and regains his composure. They go to the bar and we are alone at the table. You turn your chair to your dirty little slut and tell me to suck your cock. I get on my knees and you brush my hair away from my face. You then wrap your hand around it.

I open wide and you push my head down over your rock-hard cock. You lean back into the chair, not caring who sees us. I suck you hard and deep. I can taste your pre-cum and begin sucking harder. I want the sweet treat that will soon follow. You pull my head off your cock, by pulling my hair and you tell me to straddle you. I am so anxious to oblige. I push my thong to the side and slide onto your cock. I grab the back of the chair, put my feet up on the seat and ride you hard.

The dining room is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. The only sounds that can be heard are our sexual moans and groans of pleasure.

You know when I arch my back I am going to cum. You tell me not to.

I look at you puzzled.

“We will cum together,” you say, and I smile and agree.

I know you must be close because I can feel your body having spasms. I am humping you hard and steady now. I can feel your warm cum exploding inside me. I keep thrusting forward and my cum starts flowing.

You sigh deeply and I rest my head on your chest. You take your hand and rub my cheek and then a kiss on my forehead. I smile at you.

I climb off of you and start to lick up our mixture of juices. Taking long slow licks up your now flaccid cock. I clean your balls next. I take your linen napkin, dip it in some water and finish the job. You straighten up and zip up your pants. I take the same napkin and clean myself.

I stand up, adjust my dress, grab my purse and thank you for a wonderful evening. Your colleagues are making their way back to the table as I leave.

I start walking across the dining room to the door. Everyone has their eyes on me. I look back at you, and you give me a smile and a wink. I blow you a kiss and mouth the words, “I love you, Baby.”


Naughty Girl

The delicious aroma of onion and garlic simmering away in butter filled my nostrils as soon as I opened the door to my apartment. I smiled to myself. I loved it when Lizzy came over unannounced.

“Hey, Babe,” I called, as I disgorged the contents of my pockets on the side table.

“Will!” Lizzy beamed, skipping around the corner from the kitchen and throwing her arms around me.

She pressed her body hard up against mine and buried her head in my chest. I closed my arms around her, feeling her slender frame, and enjoying the delicate contours of her back through her blue spaghetti strap singlet. I kissed the top of her head, and inhaled the tropical scent of her shampoo – coconut and something sweet I couldn’t identify.

She craned up to face me, the strands of dirty blonde hair that had escaped her ponytail falling off the sides of her black-framed glasses. I swallowed her smile in a soft kiss on her lips. “I wasn’t expecting you until Friday night.” I couldn’t hide the delight from my tone.

“Yeah, I know. I just wanted to see you. You don’t mind, do you?” Her lips curled in a cute, little pout.

“Of course not,” I replied, brushing a wayward strand from her forehead.

“You don’t regret giving me a key?” Her blue eyes hopefully crested the rim of her glasses.

“No way,” I breathed, bending down to rub her nose with mine.

Lizzy hummed a positive response, and turned back to the kitchen. I let my eyes fall to her ass as she padded away across the timber floor. Below that powder blue singlet, her seductive curves were clad in nothing but a tiny pair of white cotton panties.

I exhaled deeply, savouring the vision.

“So what are you cooking?” I asked as I rounded the other side of the kitchen bench.

“Just a bolognaise. Nothing fancy.” Lizzy shot me a sweet smile over her shoulder, then returned her attention to the pot on the stove.

“Smells good,” I encouraged. I lingered a moment, enjoying the view, then announced, “I’ll just get changed quickly.”

“No rush,” she said, reaching for another ingredient to add to her concoction. “It’s still got to simmer another half hour or so. I haven’t put the pasta on yet.”

Leaving her to it, I slipped into my bedroom and hung my coat up in the wardrobe, followed by my red and white striped tie and my belt. It had been a hell of a day, and I didn’t feel like another one-legged flamingo dance to get my shoes off. I scuffed over to my bed and sat down. As I did, something hard dug painfully into my left buttock.

“What the…” I complained to myself, scooting towards the foot of the bed and flicking back the embroidered cream doona.

A deep pink vibrator lay on the white sheet, it’s metallic inlay glinting in the overhead light. I immediately recognised it as the Soraya I had bought Lizzy for Valentine’s Day. There was no mistaking the thumbs-up I got from the clitoral stimulator. We were old friends, forever bonded from that first awkward moment in the adult shop, where the intrusively helpful sales assistant had shoved me in front of the LELO display and not let me leave without one.

Credit where credit’s due, however, he was right on the money.

I petted the wrinkled sheet around the toy. It was still damp. Holding my fingers to my nose, I could smell the strong earthy scent of Lizzy’s pussy. I picked up the Soraya and sniffed at it, detecting the same heady aroma.

“Lizzy?” I called, cradling the vibrator in my lap.

I heard the sound of a wooden spoon being laid on the porcelain spoon-rest by the stove, then saw Lizzy appear in the doorway a few seconds later. She stood by the door, biting her bottom lip. Her tight singlet clung to her body, her nipples jutting out from atop her perky breasts. Unfortunately her wringing hands disrupted the view of her white cotton panties.

I sat there looking at her. The muffled sound of the television in the next room wafted through the door, but couldn’t mask the sound of her breathing. I held up the LELO. “What’s this?” I said evenly.

She blushed deeply and dipped her gaze, not answering me. Her breath was ragged, and I had to fight to control my own. My heart pounded with anticipation, but I held my ground, held the silence. It was a game. Whoever spoke first: lost.

“I’m sorry, Will,” she whispered.

I fought the Cheshire grin with every fibre of my being. Then in my best patronising tone, “Sorry for what, Lizzy?”

“I’m sorry I used the toy you bought me,” she rasped. “I know I’m not allowed to use it without you. But I promise,” She looked up hopefully for a second. “I didn’t come.”

“Hmm,” I pondered with a tilt of my head. Turning away, I patted the enormous wet spot on the sheet. I heard Lizzy gasp as I did. When I turned back, she was again staring at the floor, her cheeks deeply flushed.

When she did finally look up, I patted my lap. She didn’t answer me. Instead she scuffed at the polished floorboards with her bare toe and did whatever she could not to make eye contact.

“But, Will…”

“Lizzy, that’s enough,” I said softly. “You know you’ve been a naughty girl.” My tone became more serious. “Naughty girls need to be punished.”

Lizzy closed her eyes, her mouth falling open with a loud sigh. The thick strand of hair that fell down her face swayed in her breath. Tentatively, she crept forward towards me, still wringing her hands. When she reached me, she put one knee up on the bed beside me and began to bend over me.

“Uh-uh,” I stopped her. “You can have a bare bottom spanking.”

Lizzy whimpered as she stepped back off the bed, paused a moment, almost testing my resolve. Then resigned, she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and began tugging them down over her hips.

There is nothing more sexy than the sight of a beautiful woman peeling off her panties.

I was in awe. The waistband stretched around her curves, collapsing the white cotton into a thin horizontal line across her sex. Her cute little muff of light brown pubic hair came into view, followed by the seductive hint of her pussy lips, then finally that gorgeous little gap between the tops of her thighs.

As she pushed the thin white line down her legs, I kept staring at her pussy, my cock throbbing in my lap. The glimpse of her folds disappeared when she got her panties past her knees, bending over to step out of them. It was then I noticed her breasts in my field of vision, straining against the tight blue singlet. Her nipples looked painfully hard.

Leaving her panties in a puddle on the beige rug, Lizzy stood up straight and looked into my eyes. Her lips were curled ever so slightly in the beginnings of a wicked smirk, her hands by her sides, gently brushing the outside of her thighs. There was an unsteadiness in her breath, her body language betraying her excitement.

The sight of my girlfriend standing there in nothing but a light blue singlet and a sloppy ponytail had my heart racing. I could hear my own breath hitching. I was aroused, to be sure, and it was certainly clouding my judgement. I could not take my eyes off her.

Eventually I broke the trance by patting my lap again. She swallowed, then climbed up onto the bed once more, slowly laying across my lap. Her left hip pressed firmly into my aching cock as she settled into position. Her upper body was flat on the bed, with her chin resting on her forearms.

I placed my left hand on the small of her back, my thumb hooking under the hem of her singlet. Then I laid my right hand gently on that perfect ass in my lap. My hand spanned across both her luscious cheeks, delighting in the silky smoothness of her skin and the softness of her flesh. I couldn’t help but caress her naked backside for a moment. I gently squeezed as I circled my hand around, my cock twitching agonisingly as I went.

I shook myself free from the glorious sensation of the pressure of her hip bone against my member, then raised my right hand from her ass. Lizzy held her breath. We both did.

I brought my hand down hard on her left cheek. My palm stung with the blow, the sharp crack giving way to Lizzy’s surprised scream, then mewling whimpers. Her body convulsed in muffled gasps.

I raised my hand again. Her soft flesh was already reddening from the strike. Bringing my hand down once more, this time spanking her right cheek with a stinging crack. She cried out, the startled pain giving way to an aroused moan. And then again, I raised my hand.

I rained down smack after smack, alternating between each of her pinking cheeks. My palm tingled wildly as I lifted it in the air, and my cock throbbed more so against her hip. I ended up spanking her about a dozen times on each cheek.

Without the heart to continue, I laid my hand gently on her bright red ass. The heat coming from it was incredible, if not just the burning sting of my own hand. Lizzy’s panting moans teetered on the edge, riding the agony between pleasure and pain.

I tried to comfort her the best I could, rubbing my left hand up and down her spine. And with my right, I gently caressed her bottom in large clockwise circuits. I cupped her left buttock and slowly slid my hand up over her swollen globe, with my fingertips trailing in the crack of her ass. Then I made my way across the small of her back, before groping the top of her right cheek and making my way down, this time my thumb sliding through her cleft. At the bottom, my hand traced the soft contours of the tops of her thighs to begin the circuit again.

She parted her legs, revealing her pink slit. “Please, Will,” she begged. “I was so naughty.”

My cock almost leapt beneath her hip. I knew what she wanted, and, God, I wanted to give it to her. Dropping my hand between her thighs, I cradled her burning pussy, her soft folds nuzzling my fingers.

I pressed firmly against her sex, eliciting a tortured moan through her gritted teeth. I could feel the swollen, little nub of her clitoris, and the soft prickle of her pubic hair against my fingertips. With her glowing butt cheeks clenched, I quickly slapped her pussy – not too hard, just enough for a light sting – maybe four or five times. She squealed with each strike, her swollen lips darkening as they became engorged.

I held my hand firm to her vulva again. Each time I pressed, she squirmed, trying to grind herself back onto my hand. The pressure was pushing her closer and closer to orgasm, I knew. I burrowed my middle finger through her slit, feeling her sopping arousal. And that stiff, little bud.

But this was punishment. I couldn’t let her come.

I brought her to the brink over and over, pressing and releasing. Each push of her button caused her to buck in frustrated agony. I loved it. The sound of her moans, almost constant, desperately pleading with me to push her over the edge. The syrupy wetness spilled from her and coated my fingers.

It was then I had to stop. Much more, and I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

Lizzy’s trembling body eventually stilled. Her moans fell silent. She lay there taking deep breaths while I continued to caress her beautiful ass. Then she turned her head to face me, her face flushed and pouting.

“Are you okay?” I whispered with an evil grin.

She pushed herself up onto her knees, sitting back on her feet to my right with a wince. Wrinkling her nose and searching for the right words, she finally whispered back, “I’m so sorry I was naughty, Will.”

I gently held both sides of her face and breathed, “It’s all right, Baby. It’s over now.” I pulled her towards me and planted a soft kiss on her lips. “I love you, Lizzy. You’re such a good girl.”

“I love you too,” she replied, her brow furrowed incredulously. She wanted the game to continue.

“Why don’t you show me what a good girl you are?” I couldn’t help myself.

“Okay,” she smiled, biting her bottom lip impishly. Lizzy kissed me again, then kicked her feet out from under her and off the edge of the bed. She stood up, lifting her bare ass from the mattress.

I shamefully sucked air in through my teeth as I saw how red her ass was, and looked away. It was then that I noticed a wet spot on the end of the bed where she’d been sitting. I gingerly reached out to touch the darker patch of embroidered cream on the doona cover. It was definitely wet. I leaned over and smelled it, and as soon as I did, my entire body flushed. My own arousal had left a slimy spot of pre-cum at the end of my erection, which had soaked through my pants. And I noticed another spot, just on the inside of my right thigh, where Lizzy’s pussy had been resting during her spanking.

Without speaking, Lizzy spun around on the rug and dropped, reaching for the fly of my trousers. She unfastened and tugged them down forcefully, flicking them hard over the end of my cock. I lifted myself slightly to allow her to get them down over my ass, as she settled herself comfortably on her knees between my legs.

She broke eye contact with me briefly to look down at my exposed erection. Her smile broadened, then she reached out with both hands, clasping them tightly around the base of my shaft, leaving the head and another inch or two poking out the top. The entire end was slick with pre-cum.

Lizzy bit her bottom lip as she looked back up at me. “Stand up, Will,” she breathed. “I want to look at you while I suck your cock.” Her words nearly caused me to pass out.

I leaned forward, holding the sides of her face, and kissed her softly on the mouth. Our tongues found each other and swirled together. I sucked tenderly at her lips, and she at mine. When I pulled back, she slowly licked her lips and hummed with contentment.

I pushed myself up off the bed, realising that Lizzy had been gripping my cock the entire time. She held on, bringing the engorged head an inch from her lips. She looked up at me over the rim of her glasses and smiled sweetly. Then looking down at my cock, she gently kissed the head, her soft lips lingering on the slippery tip, before she sucked them free.

She smiled up at me again, then opened her mouth and extended her tongue out to take my entire head between her lips. She held my gaze while she sucked and swirled her warm tongue around my glands.

“You are such a good girl,” I gasped down at her.

She pulled herself off my cock and smiled up at me, “You really think so, Will?”

“Oh, Lizzy, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Will,” she smiled with twinkling blue eyes, before sinking back onto my cock.

Lizzy worked my bulbous head with her lips and tongue, licking at the seam where it met the shaft, every so often sliding herself off the end with a kiss on the tip. She stared up at me the whole time. I couldn’t look away. Nor did I want to. She bobbed down on my cock, taking more and more into her mouth. First, her lips met her left hand, and when she took that away to steady herself against my hip, she stroked my shaft with her right in time with her mouth.

The slurping sounds grew, along with our breath, as she wanked my cock into her mouth. I held my hand over hers on my hip, causing her to lift her face off me to give me an affectionate smile, before resuming her fantastic blow job. I ran my fingers through her dirty blonde hair as she bobbed, releasing more and more strands from her ponytail. But Lizzy was undeterred, staring up at me and increasing her tempo until I was fucking her mouth with lusty abandon.

“Oh..ahh…Lizzy, Baby, I’m going to come,” I groaned, the pressure of the ecstasy throughout my entire body building to the point where it was no longer bearable.

Lizzy’s grip around the base of my cock tightened, and she pumped my length with her fist with a newfound intensity. She sucked the head of my cock even harder, staring up at me with those big blue eyes, and snorting through her nose. I began to moan. Losing my composure, I held Lizzy’s shoulders and buckled over slightly. She moaned back at me in rapid, erotic grunts.

I came in her beautiful mouth with a roar. My body flushed with splendid warmth, and a torrent of semen gushed up the full length of my cock.

The force of my orgasm caught Lizzy by surprise, causing her to pull back from my erupting cock, coughing and spluttering. Cum dribbled from her lips as she fought for air, but she kept jacking my cock with her hand.

My cock kept spurting, sending a thick ropey stream splashing onto Lizzy’s face, across her glasses, nose and cheek. She gasped at the contact with my hot seed, but was powerless to do anything about the third jet that struck her in the forehead and splattered into her hair. She lunged at my cock with her mouth open, catching another thick spurt. She quickly swallowed it down before clamping her lips around my head.

I convulsed in uncontrollable spasms with the remainder of my blissful release. Lizzy looked up at me while she pumped my shaft and sucked on my head. Her face was covered in cum, and it was honestly the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

“Oh, Baby, I can’t…” I breathed, pushing her back and falling back onto the bed. I was way too sensitive for Lizzy to continue working my cock the way she was.

She sat on the floor, wiping the cum off her face and glasses with her fingers, and then seductively sucked them clean. As she watched me, she made sure I saw her tongue dart out and flick across her fingertips every time she brought them to her mouth.

“Did I do good, Will?”

”Uh-huh,” I laughed, looking down at her.

“Is it my turn now?” she cooed, with a sexy, cum-stained grin.

“We’ll see,” I teased. “If you’re a good girl the rest of the night, well, maybe.”

Lizzy began to pout, but immediately stopped when I raised an eyebrow at her. She dipped her gaze and caught sight of my still-hard cock. “Mmm,” she purred, climbing up onto me. She sucked my erection into her mouth again, and bobbed up and down a few times, before letting it pop free. “I love my horny boy.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s a good girl.” I let my head fall back onto the mattress, unable to cope with the visual sensations of Lizzy staking her claim to me anymore. Closing my eyes, I drifted a thousand miles away.

“Will?” Lizzy’s question jolted me from my daydream.

“What is it, Babe?” I lifted my head up to look at her.

She was sitting up, biting her bottom lip and holding her hands behind her back. “My bottom’s really sore, Will.”

“Oh, Lizzy, I’m so sorry. I think there’s some moisturising cream with some aloe under the sink in the bathroom. Why don’t you grab it, and I’ll help you put it on.”

“Okay,” she smiled brightly, padding off to the ensuite.

With her distracted in the bathroom, I quickly changed out of my clothes, wiping the mixture of cum and saliva from my cock, and throwing on a pair of dark boxers and a green, over-sized t-shirt. Lizzy returned and handed me the bottle of moisturiser.

“Lie down on the bed,” I instructed gently. “This should help soothe the sting.”

She lay down on her stomach, with her arms buried under the pillow and her face on top, looking up at me. I squeezed a big dollop of the cream into my palm and rubbed my hands together to spread it out, then gently cupped her buttocks.

Lizzy gasped.

”Oh, are you okay?” I asked, afraid I’d hurt her.

“Yeah,” she giggled, “It’s just really cold.”

I snorted a chuckle myself and continued to gently apply the cream to her perfect ass. I kneaded her soft flesh, tenderly prying apart her cheeks with my thumbs. Each time I did, her puckered, little asshole winked up at me along with the soft, glistening folds of her vagina. The glossy sheen of her buttocks covered in lotion was so wonderfully sexy, I couldn’t help but sigh in total admiration.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she purred into the doona.

When the cream no longer provided any lubrication for my strokes, I said, “That should do you.” Then I bent down and kissed her left cheek. “All better.”

“What about the other one?” Lizzy pouted.

I chuckled again, before bending down to kiss her other soft buttock, my hands steadying myself on her hips. She would do anything to manipulate me into becoming sexually entangled with her.

“Thank you, Will,” she whispered.

”You’re welcome, Sweetie. ”

She skipped off into the kitchen to continue with dinner, while I retreated to the bathroom to wash my hands and make sure my cock wasn’t leaking through my boxers. I splashed some water on my face to try and regain my composure, then looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t help but smile, complete with a set of raised eyebrows. I couldn’t believe my luck.

When I came out, I saw Lizzy at the stove, stirring the bolognaise, her pink ass hanging out the bottom of her powder blue singlet. I whispered, “Hey, go put your panties on.” And with that, I gave her a playful smack on the bum.

Lizzy yelped as she jumped up, throwing her hands to her sensitive ass to protect it. She spun around and wrinkled her nose at me. I gasped, holding my hand over my mouth, my eyes wide with shock. I mouthed an apology, but she realised it was an accident and broke into a big, beaming smile. Then she shook her head at me and skipped into the bedroom.

She returned a moment later, safely back in her white cotton panties. We finished cooking the dinner together, bustling around the kitchen, getting the pasta on and fine-tuning the sauce. We chatted about our day as we worked, updating each other on the ins and outs of our respective jobs.

Dropping a colander into the sink, I poured out the pasta. I couldn’t help but get an eyeful of Lizzy’s perfect ass as she bent over to retrieve some bowls from the cupboard under the bench. “You want some wine with this?” I asked, reaching for a bottle of red.

“Sure,” she smiled, using tongs to dish out the spaghetti. “How about we eat on our laps and put on a nice movie?”

“Sounds good,” I replied, sliding my hands around her waist and kissing her shoulder.

I fired up Serendipity in the DVD player as Lizzy brought our dinner over and placed the bowls on the coffee table. I watched her gingerly sit down, wincing as her ass made contact with the coarse camel fabric. Sucking air in through my teeth in sympathy, I sat down next to her. We ate our pasta, drank our wine and watched our movie.

With our empty bowls back on the coffee table, Lizzy nursed her second glass of wine and snuggled into me for the rest of John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. It was one of her favourites, and we’d often chat about what was happening on screen during the movie. It was always lovely. Her unbearable sexual frustration and constant crossing and uncrossing of her legs made it all the more delicious.

“I love this part,” I offered, as John Cusack distractingly went through the rehearsal of his wedding to Bridget Moynahan.

“Oh, I hate this part,” she replied.

“It’s so beautiful,” I rebutted, “She knows him so well. He’s always looking at that book. And she knows he doesn’t have a copy, so she gets it for him.”

“Then he leaves her,” Lizzy cried, reaching for a tissue from the box on the table.

I kissed the top of Lizzy’s head as she blew her nose. She looked up at me and kissed me on the lips, still clutching her dirty tissue. “I love you, Will.”

“I love you too, Lizzy,” I smiled down at her.

As the movie reached its climax with John Cusack laying on the ice rink and Kate Beckinsale turning up, Lizzy started to cry again. “Oh, I love this. When they find each other.”

“What about the girl with the book?”

“Oh, fuck her,” Lizzy spat, reaching for another tissue.

I laughed, and held her close to me as the movie finished. “Why don’t you get ready for bed?” I suggested. Then gesturing at the bowls and glasses on the coffee table, I went on, “I’ll clean this up.”

Lizzy skipped off into the bedroom while I set about tidying up. I straightened up the kitchen and started the dishwasher. Back in the lounge area, I wiped down the table. I reached for the lamp to turn it off, when the bedroom door opened. Lizzy stood there biting her lip, still in her singlet and panties, and glasses and ponytail. She was holding the bottle of moisturiser.

“Will, my bottom’s really starting to hurt again,” she pouted in a little-girl voice that immediately stirred my cock. She bit her lip, then asked, “Would you please put some more lotion on for me?”

“Of course, Baby.” I smiled, half to myself. Another ploy, I knew. She was incorrigible. “Come over here.” I rinsed off the cloth and hung it over the tap, before sitting on the edge of the couch.

Lizzy came and stood in front of me, her panty-clad pussy right at my eye level. She handed me the bottle and turned around. The soft light from the single lamp in the living area made her look even more beautiful, if that was possible.

“Okay, Baby, do you want to pull your panties down for me?”

Lizzy seductively stuck her ass out as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband, and slid the white cotton down over her hips and down her toned thighs. She bent right over, pushing her panties past her knees and giving me a spectacular view of her delicate folds and asshole. I sniffed at her deeply as she let her panties fall to the floor.

She stood up straight in front of me as I squirted a big load of lotion into my palm and spread it between my hands. I grabbed her perfect pink backside, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from her.

“Cold?” I smiled.

“Uh-huh,” she almost moaned in response.

I massaged her shapely ass, breathing in deeply through my nose. Although the smell of aloe overpowered her natural aroma. I applied another generous squirt, for no other reason than my own selfish gratification. My thumbs dipped deeper into the crack of her ass with each stroke, pulling her soft cheeks apart in the process.

“Is it easier if I bend over?” she asked, looking down at me over her shoulder.

I felt that lovely warm flush again, and managed to reply, “Um…yeah. That might help.”

“Okay,” she beamed, bending over at the hips and supporting her upper body on the coffee table.

It was the perfect view of my girlfriend’s sex. The solitary lamp bathed her glistening folds in a beautiful warm glow. The way her inner labia protruded so sweetly from her outer lips, right in my face. I have never seen anything so beautiful. It was the perfect heart-shaped vision.

I must have squeezed the rest of the bottle into my hand for the third application, with thick gooey moisturising cream spilling over the sides of my palm. As I slathered on the lotion, enjoying her softness and her most intimate area mere inches from my face, her breathing gradually transitioned into gentle moaning.

“Oh, Will, that feels so good. The way you’re blowing on me.”

I furrowed my brow, confused. It took me a second to figure it out. My own breath had become ragged, and that’s what she was feeling on her backside. I smiled, then blew long, cool breaths onto her lovely cheeks. Lizzy moaned in response, and I continued, angling my soothing blows all over her rear.

I made sure I blew right across her puckered, little asshole as I crossed from one cheek to the other, then slowly over her glistening pussy on the way back. Each time I crossed that sensitive centre, she breathlessly moaned. She was enjoying the attention.

I was conscious of the wet sensation in my boxer shorts, as the pre-cum from my throbbing cock all but flowed out. I was out of my mind. As much as I wanted to continue torturing her, I had to push this further.

The frictionless slide of my hands over Lizzy’s ass eased, and the incredibly sexy sheen of the lotion on her skin dulled in the lamplight. I leaned forward and planted a lingering kiss on her right buttock. She let out a contented little hum. And I kissed her again on her other cheek.

“How does that feel?” I gasped between kisses as I continued pressing my lips to her soft flesh.

“Uh-huh,” was all she moaned.

Spurred on, I kept kissing her perfect ass, alternating between cheeks, and blowing on her pussy and asshole on the way back and forth. My kisses got closer and closer to her seam, to her treasure.

“Oh my God. Yes.”

“You want me to keep going?” I croaked.

“Oh, yes please, Will. Please keep going. That feels so good.”

It was her turn after all.

My next kiss found her perineum, causing Lizzy to let out a trembling moan. I kissed her there again, to the same reaction. And again. I gradually let my tongue make contact with her taut flesh. First, just the slightest of touches with the very tip. Then more and more with a larger area of my tongue, until I was unabashedly licking her.

I moved down, kissing the glistening lips of her opening, lingering longer and longer with each soft kiss. Her delicate inner labia met my lips perfectly. I gently sucked each fold into my mouth as I went, then trailed the tip of my tongue along the edge of each petal. My kisses became hungrier. Greedier.

I licked and sucked at my girlfriend’s sex, tasting her. Savouring every delightful sensation. I licked around the rim of her opening, spiralling my tongue in deeper and deeper with every lap. Lizzy’s horny cunt squeezed around my tongue as I probed it into her as deeply as I could. She was so incredibly wet.

I buried my face in her, to the point my nose painfully squashed against her asshole and my jaw strained to get my tongue farther inside her. Even with Lizzy swivelling her hips in my face, I could not get in deep enough. With the pain in my jaw too much, I moved even lower, tracing the folds of her outer labia to her engorged clitoris. Done with teasing her, I lapped at her button like a dog dying of thirst.

Lizzy began moaning uncontrollably. Although she’d been making a lot of noise the whole time, I only then became aware of the racket. The sound of my girlfriend in the throes of ecstasy, particularly at my own touch, was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.

I swirled my tongue around her clit, flicking at the sensitive nub and her labia as I went. Her pretty little cunny gaped at the end of my nose, the slippery opening sending me cross-eyed. Leaving my left hand on her hip, I eased the index and middle finger of my right into her.

Lizzy’s moan was pure guttural pleasure. I sawed my fingers in and out of her, applying pressure on the front wall of her vagina until I found that tell-tale change in texture that betrayed her G-spot. At the same time, I shifted angles to suck her clit into my mouth. Holding her button tightly between my lips, I flicked my tongue wildly across it.

Lizzy moaned in an incoherent, tortured rapture. Her whole body swayed stiffly. I held onto her desperately with my left hand, my fingers digging into the soft flesh of her hip. The whole time, frantically working her clit furiously and plunging my fingers in and out of her gooey core as fast as I could.

She stilled. She stopped breathing and her spastic moan halted.

I sucked harder, my fingers a blur. “Come for me, Baby,” I mumbled with a full mouth.

Lizzy screamed deeply from her diaphragm, unable to hold back the torrent anymore.

My face was splashed with a warm, rich fluid. I instantly knew what was happening, and ripped my fingers from Lizzy’s gushing cunt. Opening my mouth, my lips tingling from their assault on my girlfriend’s clit, I hungrily dove for her opening.

She squirted again. This time, without my fingers in the way, the translucent liquid poured out of her pussy in a single thick stream. I caught it all in my mouth, hastily swallowing it down to ready for the next spurt. I revelled in the taste of that familiar sweet, almost tangy earthiness.

The third wave was much smaller, only half as long and thick as the previous. But I still caught it all, delighting in the rich flavour. And the fourth was little more than a heavy trickle, which I lapped from her pretty flower. I plunged my tongue back inside her sopping wet cunt to eat the rest of her.

Unable to hold herself up anymore, Lizzy collapsed to the rug on her knees, cruelly denying me the pleasure of devouring the rest of her precious fluid. Her body heaved with deep gasps as she steadied herself on the coffee table. I was puffing heavily from the exertions myself.

She looked over her shoulder at me, lifting her head to peer at me through those cute black-framed glasses. She panted through a huge, open-mouthed smile, that ran from ear to ear. I smiled back at her, and we shared a breathless laugh.

Like a panther, she crawled up onto me, straddling me as she went. Holding my cock beneath her, she lined herself up, ready to impale her own horny cunt on my cock. But as she put her knee down in the final position, , she screamed out in pain and toppled off me. The metal frame of the couch must have dug into her leg.

“This couch is so shit,” Lizzy laughed, trying to clamber off. “Ouw!”

“Yeah, it’s definitely not for fooling around on.” I sat up.

“Well, come on,” she smiled as she rose to her feet, holding out her hand. “Let’s finish this off in bed.”

I took her hand and followed her into the bedroom. Even after everything we’d just done, I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at her spectacular naked ass right in front of me. I snorted a laugh, noticing that it was still a little pink from the spanking I’d given her earlier.

“Hey, perve,” she smiled over her shoulder with mock admonishment.

What could I do, but smile and shrug my shoulders?

“Naughty boy,” she said playfully, pushing me back onto the bed.

I scooted backwards until I had my head on the pillow, kicking the doona out from under me as I went. Lizzy followed me on her knees, staring into my eyes through her cute glasses. She settled over my groin, lowering herself so that she was pressed against the underside of my cock. Her hot, wet labia felt so wonderful against my shaft.

“Staring at your girlfriend’s bare bottom.” She bit her bottom lip, then let it flick out in a smile. “Do you want to see my little boobies too, Will?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t make any sound come out. All I could manage was a nod.

She bent forward, conspiratorially whispering into my ear, “It’s really naughty showing boys my boobies, Will. I don’t want to be naughty. I’m a good girl, Will.”

I swallowed. “Good girls do what their boyfriends tell them,” I croaked back.

Lizzy bit her lip again, smiling broadly, then laughing. “Am I your good girl, Will.”

“Yes, you are,” I managed to say more evenly, lifting the hem of her pale blue singlet and exposing her sexy, little navel.

Lizzy giggled, taking the bottom of her singlet from me and pulling it over her head. Her perky breasts defied gravity on her chest. I fell into another trance, staring at those cute, puffy little nipples. I reached up, gently cupping her soft mounds and flicking my thumbs across her nubs. She gasped, her nipples hardening further to my touch.

“You really like them, Will?” she breathed. “They’re not too small?”

“Oh, Lizzy, you have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen.” I was genuinely lost in them. I tore myself away to look her in the eyes. They were brimming, and her smile was nervous. “You are so beautiful.”

I sat up and kissed her passionately. She threw her arms around my neck and sank into the kiss. I, of course, kept my hands on her lovely breasts. She giggled in response to me rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, pulling away from the kiss. I took my chance and bent down to take one of her nipples into my mouth.

Lizzy held my head to her chest as she threw hers back, arching her back and moaning softly. I nuzzled her perky breasts and flicked at her stiff, little nipples with my tongue. She rocked her hips in my lap, and I found myself clawing at her ass to aid her motion.

I felt her running her fingers through my hair. Then suddenly, she grabbed a tight handful and pulled my head back. She was there to meet me with a passionate kiss. She moaned deeply into my mouth as our tongues explored each other.

“I want you inside me, Will.” She pushed me back down onto the bed and lifted herself up slightly.

I looked down between us, just in time to see her grab my cock and feed it into her hungry cunt. Her warm folds kissed the head of my cock deliciously, before I was plunged deeply into her soaking heat. We both moaned in unison as her soft ass engulfed my aching balls.

I was buried to the hilt in her.

We stayed like that, motionless, for what seemed like an eternity. We stared into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily. Lizzy leaned forward, placing her hands on my chest for support, and mine grabbed for her hips.

Holding my gaze, Lizzy began pushing herself up and down on my cock. Only very small strokes at first, maybe an inch or so. But as she gave herself over, she slid farther up my shaft as she went, until finally, only my swollen head stayed inside her. Her downstrokes, too, became more frenzied, as she slammed herself down on my cock harder and harder.

Her moans gradually gave way to grunts as she bounced wildly on top of me. The sensation of my cock hammering in and out of her tight sheathe was incredible. Lizzy was losing herself, and began rubbing her clit as she fucked me. I could tell she was getting close.

“Don’t you dare,” I warned between puffs.

“Huh?” Lizzy moaned, almost in despair.

“You don’t come until I tell you,” I growled back. “You show me what a good girl you are.”

Lizzy almost looked panicked as she struggled to come to terms with my latest instruction. But she knew what to do. Whimpering as she slowed her pace on my cock, she stopped diddling her clit. Resting her hands back on my chest, she lazily ground herself into me, rocking her hips back and forth. A smug smile curled the corners of her mouth as she found a sustainable rhythm.

It was always a game with her. And I couldn’t let her win.

I fumbled over to the side of the bed, finding the pink Soraya still laying on the mattress. Lizzy gasped as I held it up to her face, realising that she was doomed. I gently pressed the tip to her lips. She moaned against the vibrator, trying to resist. But she knew her fate.

Lizzy began kissing the tip, her lips pouting in seductive, wet smacks. Then she started licking it. Just the end at first, then more and more of the pink shaft. Her engorged tongue was almost as bright as the toy. Both glistened magically as she thickly coated it with her saliva.

I took the LELO away from her mouth, watching her blue eyes glaze over as I did. We’d been here before, and I revelled in the feeling of Lizzy’s body relaxing against mine. Her slow, grinding rolls stopped. She even stuck her ass out in resigned anticipation.

Drawing the tip through the crack of her ass, I felt for the tell-tale dip of her knot. As soon as I found it, I twisted the Soraya inside her asshole. Its intrusion created the most beautiful, catching gasp from Lizzy. I could feel the toy through the thin membrane of flesh between her pussy and ass, making its way along the underside of my shaft.

We lay motionless, neither of us daring to move. Lizzy had a look of complete concentration on her face, her blue eyes slightly narrowed. I couldn’t help but start to buck up into her. As I did, her face twitched. She was almost holding her breath.

Then I turned it on.

Lizzy’s face dropped, the colour draining away as she began to tremble. The pulsing vibrations travelled through into her pussy. The sensation against my own cock was incredible. I couldn’t help myself. I turned it up to full-bore, switching to the most intense setting.

“Oh, God! Please, Will, let me come!” Lizzy cried.

It was all I could do to hold myself back. The LELO was relentless. “Not yet,” I mumbled, catching myself dribbling as I did.

Strands of Lizzy’s dirty blond hair stuck to her face, plastered on by saliva, semen and sweat. Her eyes glazed and she bit her bottom lip. It was her last-ditch effort to hold on. She had nothing left.

I took mercy on her, but all I could manage was a nod. I quickly released the vibrator and her hip, and shot my hands up to her breasts, pinching her nipples just as she tipped over the edge.

Lizzy warbled and trembled, more like she was about to feint, than come. Her pussy clamped tight around my cock in involuntary spasms. And her fingernails dug into my collar bones as she tried to hold herself up in the wild seizure.

Eventually her arms gave way, and she collapsed onto my chest, exhausted. I slid my hands down her sweat-prickled sides, tracing in at her narrow waist, then flaring out at her hips. I grabbed her there, where her soft skin creased just past her hip bones, and slowly rocked her back and forth on my cock. I could feel my rigid pole squelching in and out of her, now even wetter than before.

The whole time, the Soraya thundered away in her ass.

She lifted her head from my chest, her mop of hair finally free of her scrunchie and sexily unkempt. Lizzy’s eyes were bleary through her fogged glasses, and her mouth hung open. But our eyes were locked as the LELO and I double-stuffed her without remorse.

Lizzy’s arousal quickly revived as her clit ground into my pubic bone in that reverse-missionary position. She slipped around on top of me, our sweat lubricating the motion of her silky smooth skin on mine. I reached my head forward to kiss her, but she was too far gone to do anything other than let me probe her mouth with my tongue.

She grunted at me, slopping around like a grounded fish. I grabbed her hips tighter and bucked up into her on every downstroke. I started grunting too, as my pace quickened, and it wasn’t long before I began to feel that warm tingle building in my limbs.

“I’m going to come,” I groaned.

“Fuck me, Will,” Lizzy drooled on my chest in response. “Fuck my dirty, little cunt!”

“Yeah? You like that? “ I panted. “You like being fucked by two cocks at once?”

If she replied, I didn’t hear it. But I knew the answer.

I shoved Lizzy down on my cock as hard as I could, simultaneously thrusting my hips up into her, as I was overcome with pure ecstasy. I gushed spurt after glorious spurt of cum deep inside her, feeling it shoot through me over and over again.

My orgasm seemed to trigger Lizzy’s own climax. When she felt my cum bathing her womb, her eyes rolled back in her head and her spent pussy bit down hard on my spewing cock.

She finally stilled on top of me, and I could no longer grind my length into her. I was paralysed with over-sensitivity. We were spent.

However, the damn Soraya kept electrocuting us. We were almost trapped. I fumbled for it, buzzing away in Lizzy’s ass, but I lacked the dexterity to turn it off. Managing to hook the vibrating clitoral arm with one of my fingers, I wrenched it out of her and dropped it onto the sheets.

“Oh, thank you,” she gasped with a giggle.

“I know, right?” I laughed back. I gave her a sloppy kiss. “It kind of got away from me there.”

I caressed the slick contours of her hips and back as I brought Lizzy into a tight embrace. I held her close to me, and we slowly let our breathing return to normal. The warmth, the wetness, the smell…it was perfect.

“Are you okay, Babe?” I asked after soaking up the moment.

“Oh my God, yes,” Lizzy giggled. She looked up and stretched forward for a kiss, breathing me in as she did so. “That was so hot, Will.”

I smiled at her, brushing her tattered hair away from her face with my fingers. I gently removed her glasses and placed them on the bedside table.

Lizzy’s big blue eyes blinked brightly at me, and she returned the smile. “I have to pee,” she chirped, unsheathing me from her smouldering pussy and dancing off to the bathroom.

“Are you going to have a shower?” I asked when I went in after her to wash the Soraya and relieve myself.

“I’m just going to wash my face,” she smiled, wiping my dripping cum from her pussy. “Oh, there’s so much cum, Will.”

I just smiled, and she wrinkled her nose at me. We watched each other in the mirror as we washed our faces, and brushed our teeth, affectionately stroking one another. She took my hand and led me back into the bedroom, smiling at me over her bare shoulder and taking me into a warm embrace.

When I woke the next morning, I was spooning Lizzy. My cock was rock-hard, and buried between her ass cheeks. I stirred, instinctively grinding into her and tightening my grip around her chest. Her soft, little breasts and erect nipples greeting my fingers.

“About time you woke up,” Lizzy murmured. “I thought you were going to have a wet dream in my ass.”

I chuckled sleepily. “Good morning to you too. Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah,” she sang, turning around in my arms and kissing me. “Yuk, morning breath.”

“You’re not so great yourself,” I teased.

Lizzy smiled and turned her face away from me, exposing her neck. I leaned in and started kissing the soft skin just above her collar bone, and she reached down and fondled my hardness. Our breathing quickened, the moaning started, and before I knew it, I was on top and inside her.

Lizzy screwed up her face as she caught a whiff of my breath, and I immediately felt self-conscious. I buried my face in the pillow beside her to spare her the smell, but that quickly became uncomfortable. Instead, I sat up on my haunches and lifted Lizzy’s legs up, placing her ankles on my shoulders. Somehow, miraculously, my cock seemed to slip another inch or two inside her steaming pussy.

“Oh, that’s so deep,” Lizzy moaned.

I’d love to be able to say I felt her cervix with the end of my cock, but I was lost in a tight sensation of wet heat. I pumped in and out of my girlfriend, sinking every millimetre of my cock inside her.

I watched her perky, little breasts bounce and jiggle beneath me, as Lizzy lifted her arms and crossed them under the pillow behind her head. I stroked her smooth thighs, from her hips to her knees, and kissed and licked at her calves and ankles.

Lizzy’s eyes were closed, and she somehow managed to find relaxation, despite being bounced back and forth in an impossibly deep fuck. Without looking up, one of her hands slid out from under the pillow and snaked its way down between her legs. The other followed close behind, instead finding a soft breast, with a nipple to roll between her fingers.

Neither of us lasted long. My thrusts became more urgent, and Lizzy’s whimpers got louder.

As much as I wanted to come inside her, I pulled out and wanked my cock over her. Her legs slid down off my shoulders and she moaned with excitement. I shot jet after jet of cum all over her breasts and tummy. She basted herself in the thick fluid as she brought herself off with her other hand, her body shimmering in the semen glaze.

“oh, Will…” Lizzy’s hands messily fondled for my cock, smearing my cum along the shaft. She directed the swollen head to her tangled thatch of pubic hair, stirring the thick globs into her muff.

Staring into her eyes, I reclaimed my sensitive member from her. She giggled, then bit her bottom lip with anticipation as she continued massaging my cum into her skin and pinched her nipples. Slowly, I began drumming her mound with the head of my still-erect cock. Then shifting slightly, I slapped her clit with it. Each light smack elicited another horny grunt.

I gave her a wry smile as she approached the point of no return, skipping the next slap in rhythm.

Her mouth fell open and her eyes pleaded with me. “Please, Will.”

I let her hang an agonising eternity, maybe a second or two, then I roughly plunged into her pussy. I ground hard into her clit as I staked her to the mattress. The force of the thrust shoved her over the edge. She screamed out, crushing the air out of me in a vice-like grip. But I continued to pound her ravished cunt with what was left of my erection until she fell limp.

It was the burn in my own thighs that made me finally release her, unhooking her ankles from behind my back, and withdrawing my slowly-softening cock from her well-used cunt.

“Oh, good morning,” she giggled.

I smiled to myself, and held her close to my chest. I ran my fingers through her matted hair and basked in the afterglow. “Do you want to have the first shower?”

We exchanged knowing looks and smiles as we traded places in the tiny ensuite. Holding her shoulders from behind as she brushed her hair, I kissed her neck, then sucked her earlobe into my mouth. She let me nuzzle her, purring as I squeezed her bum. But then I was slapped away with a giggle as she skipped off into the bedroom to get dressed.

When I emerged from the bathroom after my shower, I saw Lizzy lying face-down on the bed. She was naked, with her ass sticking up and her hands between her legs. Breathing heavily, she looked up at me. Her cheeks flushed, but she made no move.

“And just what do you think you’re doing, Young Lady?” I scolded, placing my hands on my hips.

Lizzy’s blush deepened, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she just moaned slightly. Holding my gaze, she brought her oval hairbrush up from between her legs. And then she began spanking her pussy with the back of it, each blow eliciting another small moan.

I frowned, trying to look disappointed in her. But truth be told, I was so unbelievably impressed by her audacity. My cock slowly rising to full mast certainly did nothing to conceal my real feelings.

Lizzy didn’t look down at my length though. Her blue eyes bore steadfastly into mine as she spanked her pussy. After half a dozen or so smacks, she dropped the brush and began humping her hands against the bed. The whole time, she brazenly stared into my eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I warned, unable to keep the smile from my face.

Lizzy glared back at me defiantly, the corners of her mouth curling up in an insolent smirk. The roll of her hips, the elevation of her moans, the flush of her cheeks: it all combined in a perfect storm of unadulterated pleasure as she found her release.

“I hope it was worth it,” I playfully admonished as I sat down on the bed while she regained her composure. Looking over my shoulder, I could see her biting her bottom lip, her expression smouldering.

Lizzy pushed herself up and sat on her heels. “I’m sorry, Will,” she whispered, grinning at me. Shuffling off the bed, she breathed, “That was really naughty of me.”

My heart started thumping in my chest. I felt my breath shaking as she slowly stepped over to me, a little more swing in her hips than I’d seen before. She held her hands behind her back, and bit her lip as she smiled seductively. Once at my side, she crawled over my lap.

She really was a naughty girl.


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Leslie becomes the man of the house and I his princess

Now every night I’m being fucked by Leslie, and everyday I’m the woman of the house. Leslie starts by tutoring me in speech and wiggling. I’m dressing 24/7. Leslie even schedules me for electrolysis, my face first then the rest of my body, including a permanent Brazil cut. I find myself forgetting that I ever was ever a guy.

After having my hair cut and nails done at a real salon, Leslie starts taking me out to clubs at night then on the weekends, day trips. Always saying things like, “See that boy he wants to fuck you real bad. That cutie has a big dick!”

I got so used to it, we would always giggle together about it. Then she would ask me if I would love this guy’s or that guy’s dick in my mouth. We would giggle again, but then I started saying yes.

“Princess maybe I’ll find you a guy. Would you like that cutie?”

The next day she took me to the mall to try on sexy outfits.

“I know what you want, we are going to walk every corner of this mall and you are going to guess how big every guy’s dick is”.

It was such an exciting game, I couldn’t stop staring directly at every man’s cock area, hoping they would notice and get a hard on.

“Princess we need you too wiggle home now, because I need to fuck you”.

When we got to the car she ordered me to take my skirt off, but leave my panties on. “Princess fix your lip stick because you are going to suck my pussy while I’m driving us home”.

Of course I did, and all the way home she would pull even with other cars in hopes that a guy would see what I was doing. “Princess there is a man staring at you sucking my cunt, I’m going to pull into a gas station to lose him.” But he pulled right along side us and pulled down his window. While Leslie held my head down and whispered, “Don’t you dare stop bitch.”

She rolled down her window to talk to the guy. He asks if she can make me wiggle my pretty ass.

“Princess you heard the man, wiggle that pretty ass for him, now.”

He introduced himself as Sam, asked for mine and Leslie’s name. He said, “That’s sexy, but does she suck cock as well?”

“My Princess is just dying to have a dick in her mouth.”

Then Sam got out of his car, reached in the open window and started rubbing my ass, through my panties with his huge rough hands. He asked if his cock will do.

Leslie said, ” I’m just about to cum and we live only about a mile away, so why don’t you wait in your car, when we finish you can follow us home.”

“Sure Leslie, that sounds wonderful”. He already had my panties half down and one big finger in my ass, so I was both relieved and disappointed as he left to get back in his own car and wait. And he didn’t have to wait long before Leslie came and came again.

As we started to put our clothes back on and drive home, Leslie took one look at me and said,”Princess, after you pull your skirt back up, fix your makeup. I think you are going to be fucked tonight. You are going to be a good girl for me when we get home girl, right?”

“Yes I will be your good girl.”

“Because if you don’t, I’m going to give Sam permission to give you a serious spanking. One you’ll never forget, plus you’re going to be his bitch, spanking or not.”

Just as I was finishing my make up –and by the way I looked gorgeous– we were pulling into the driveway.

Sam jumped out of his car in order to open my door for me. All I could think about was I hoped he didn’t notice that my panties were already soaked, and of course how handsome he was. At least six foot four and very muscular. For the first time I could see, by the hard on in his pants, he was huge!

Once in our house he started kissing me, whispering in my ear, how pretty I was, and groping all my girly parts. Leslie asked Sam if he would enjoy some wine and for me to get everyone’s drinks. She offered him the couch, then started telling Sam that only a year ago her Princess was a boy. But now she was a beautiful girl, desperate to be fucked. I served their drinks then whispered to Leslie how I needed to change my panties.

“Thank God,” she laughed and said go to it girl but hurry back .

Sam grabbed me by the hand pulled me to his lap, after sticking his tongue in my mouth. “That goes for me too Princess, hurry back!”

Leslie followed me to the bathroom to help me out of my blouse, panties, and skirt. She touched up my makeup and lubed up my ass. “Princess, very soon he’s going to fuck this ass until it feels like a pussy. Are you ready for this girl?”

“Yes I am, I am so wet and did you see the size of his dick?”

We both started giggling again. Leslie decided that I wouldn’t bother to put another dress on, that Sam would probably just rip it off me.

As we came back into the living room, Sam had all of his clothes off, relaxing on the couch. He told us how beautiful we both looked, we started giggling like at the clubs because Sam’s dick was really big and hard. He motioned for us to sit at either side of him on the couch. Immediately, he was all over both of us. Kissing, grabbing, squeezing, and finger fucking both of us.

Then suddenly, he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. He told me quite sternly, “Jerk off that Princess, while I talk to the boss! Leslie, how would you like me to behave tonite, and was this going to be a threesome, or are you into watching?”

Then Leslie said, “I want you to make her your bitch, teach her to beg for your cock and your cum.”

That’s when Sam grabbed the back of my head and pushed my lips towards his huge fat cock. “Lick that head clean bitch!”

My hand was already dripping with his precum and the head of his cock was swimming in cum. I stuck my tongue out to do as he said then he pulled me back and said, “I didn’t hear ‘please’, bitch!”

So I begged, “Please Sam, may I please lick your gorgeous cock clean?”

He released my hair and I went to town licking my hand and his cock head clean of cum then while still licking, I looked up at him and begged to suck it.

He said, “You look so cute, I’m going to allow my new slut to suck my cock.”

I was so happy and hungry to have his cock in my mouth and feel so completely feminine.

Then he turned back to Leslie and asked if that was what she had in mind.

Leslie said, “It’s a very good beginning. Sam, I want you to force her to take your whole cock and make her swallow every drop and beg for it. We’ll have her shake her ass if ‘yes’ is the answer to any of our questions. I will help verbally, but for the most part you’ll make her your bitch.”

As Leslie was pulling off my panties and bra, Sam was pushing my mouth further down his cock until I started choking. “You love that don’t you Princess?”

I wiggled my ass frantically and he started pushing my mouth down even further until my chin started hitting his balls. Then he asked if I would like to be finger-fucked while sucking his cock. I wiggled my ass again and he drove his big finger deep into my ass, bringing tears to my eyes. But I was so proud to have his whole cock in my mouth, I started to suck it faster, and when he asked whether I loved sucking his cock, I wiggled my ass again.

Leslie started talking to me more, “What a slut you’ve become, Princess. Bet you can’t wait for him to cum in your mouth.”

I wiggled my ass again.

Sam was groaning and saying I wasn’t going to have to wait much longer. I felt his cock growing even harder and hotter till he screamed and started filling my mouth with spurts of cum one after another. I swallowed as fast as I could then he shoved my mouth so deep down his cock I could have licked his balls and the final cum went directly down my throat. I almost cried when he stopped coming, but kept sucking to taste every drop he had.

He told me to stop sucking and start licking his balls. At first I was upset until I realized how turned on I was when licking his balls. Then I started to cum myself. Leslie noticed right away, reaching between my legs and catching my cum in her hand, and licked her hand clean of my cum.

I was so exhausted I almost passed out.

Leslie asked, “You really love the taste of cum don’t you, Princess?”

“Yes. Oh my, yes.”

“Whose cum do you love more?”

Sam’s of course. I looked into Sam’s eyes and said, “I love your cum.”