Leslie becomes the man of the house and I his princess

Now every night I’m being fucked by Leslie, and everyday I’m the woman of the house. Leslie starts by tutoring me in speech and wiggling. I’m dressing 24/7. Leslie even schedules me for electrolysis, my face first then the rest of my body, including a permanent Brazil cut. I find myself forgetting that I ever was ever a guy.

After having my hair cut and nails done at a real salon, Leslie starts taking me out to clubs at night then on the weekends, day trips. Always saying things like, “See that boy he wants to fuck you real bad. That cutie has a big dick!”

I got so used to it, we would always giggle together about it. Then she would ask me if I would love this guy’s or that guy’s dick in my mouth. We would giggle again, but then I started saying yes.

“Princess maybe I’ll find you a guy. Would you like that cutie?”

The next day she took me to the mall to try on sexy outfits.

“I know what you want, we are going to walk every corner of this mall and you are going to guess how big every guy’s dick is”.

It was such an exciting game, I couldn’t stop staring directly at every man’s cock area, hoping they would notice and get a hard on.

“Princess we need you too wiggle home now, because I need to fuck you”.

When we got to the car she ordered me to take my skirt off, but leave my panties on. “Princess fix your lip stick because you are going to suck my pussy while I’m driving us home”.

Of course I did, and all the way home she would pull even with other cars in hopes that a guy would see what I was doing. “Princess there is a man staring at you sucking my cunt, I’m going to pull into a gas station to lose him.” But he pulled right along side us and pulled down his window. While Leslie held my head down and whispered, “Don’t you dare stop bitch.”

She rolled down her window to talk to the guy. He asks if she can make me wiggle my pretty ass.

“Princess you heard the man, wiggle that pretty ass for him, now.”

He introduced himself as Sam, asked for mine and Leslie’s name. He said, “That’s sexy, but does she suck cock as well?”

“My Princess is just dying to have a dick in her mouth.”

Then Sam got out of his car, reached in the open window and started rubbing my ass, through my panties with his huge rough hands. He asked if his cock will do.

Leslie said, ” I’m just about to cum and we live only about a mile away, so why don’t you wait in your car, when we finish you can follow us home.”

“Sure Leslie, that sounds wonderful”. He already had my panties half down and one big finger in my ass, so I was both relieved and disappointed as he left to get back in his own car and wait. And he didn’t have to wait long before Leslie came and came again.

As we started to put our clothes back on and drive home, Leslie took one look at me and said,”Princess, after you pull your skirt back up, fix your makeup. I think you are going to be fucked tonight. You are going to be a good girl for me when we get home girl, right?”

“Yes I will be your good girl.”

“Because if you don’t, I’m going to give Sam permission to give you a serious spanking. One you’ll never forget, plus you’re going to be his bitch, spanking or not.”

Just as I was finishing my make up –and by the way I looked gorgeous– we were pulling into the driveway.

Sam jumped out of his car in order to open my door for me. All I could think about was I hoped he didn’t notice that my panties were already soaked, and of course how handsome he was. At least six foot four and very muscular. For the first time I could see, by the hard on in his pants, he was huge!

Once in our house he started kissing me, whispering in my ear, how pretty I was, and groping all my girly parts. Leslie asked Sam if he would enjoy some wine and for me to get everyone’s drinks. She offered him the couch, then started telling Sam that only a year ago her Princess was a boy. But now she was a beautiful girl, desperate to be fucked. I served their drinks then whispered to Leslie how I needed to change my panties.

“Thank God,” she laughed and said go to it girl but hurry back .

Sam grabbed me by the hand pulled me to his lap, after sticking his tongue in my mouth. “That goes for me too Princess, hurry back!”

Leslie followed me to the bathroom to help me out of my blouse, panties, and skirt. She touched up my makeup and lubed up my ass. “Princess, very soon he’s going to fuck this ass until it feels like a pussy. Are you ready for this girl?”

“Yes I am, I am so wet and did you see the size of his dick?”

We both started giggling again. Leslie decided that I wouldn’t bother to put another dress on, that Sam would probably just rip it off me.

As we came back into the living room, Sam had all of his clothes off, relaxing on the couch. He told us how beautiful we both looked, we started giggling like at the clubs because Sam’s dick was really big and hard. He motioned for us to sit at either side of him on the couch. Immediately, he was all over both of us. Kissing, grabbing, squeezing, and finger fucking both of us.

Then suddenly, he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. He told me quite sternly, “Jerk off that Princess, while I talk to the boss! Leslie, how would you like me to behave tonite, and was this going to be a threesome, or are you into watching?”

Then Leslie said, “I want you to make her your bitch, teach her to beg for your cock and your cum.”

That’s when Sam grabbed the back of my head and pushed my lips towards his huge fat cock. “Lick that head clean bitch!”

My hand was already dripping with his precum and the head of his cock was swimming in cum. I stuck my tongue out to do as he said then he pulled me back and said, “I didn’t hear ‘please’, bitch!”

So I begged, “Please Sam, may I please lick your gorgeous cock clean?”

He released my hair and I went to town licking my hand and his cock head clean of cum then while still licking, I looked up at him and begged to suck it.

He said, “You look so cute, I’m going to allow my new slut to suck my cock.”

I was so happy and hungry to have his cock in my mouth and feel so completely feminine.

Then he turned back to Leslie and asked if that was what she had in mind.

Leslie said, “It’s a very good beginning. Sam, I want you to force her to take your whole cock and make her swallow every drop and beg for it. We’ll have her shake her ass if ‘yes’ is the answer to any of our questions. I will help verbally, but for the most part you’ll make her your bitch.”

As Leslie was pulling off my panties and bra, Sam was pushing my mouth further down his cock until I started choking. “You love that don’t you Princess?”

I wiggled my ass frantically and he started pushing my mouth down even further until my chin started hitting his balls. Then he asked if I would like to be finger-fucked while sucking his cock. I wiggled my ass again and he drove his big finger deep into my ass, bringing tears to my eyes. But I was so proud to have his whole cock in my mouth, I started to suck it faster, and when he asked whether I loved sucking his cock, I wiggled my ass again.

Leslie started talking to me more, “What a slut you’ve become, Princess. Bet you can’t wait for him to cum in your mouth.”

I wiggled my ass again.

Sam was groaning and saying I wasn’t going to have to wait much longer. I felt his cock growing even harder and hotter till he screamed and started filling my mouth with spurts of cum one after another. I swallowed as fast as I could then he shoved my mouth so deep down his cock I could have licked his balls and the final cum went directly down my throat. I almost cried when he stopped coming, but kept sucking to taste every drop he had.

He told me to stop sucking and start licking his balls. At first I was upset until I realized how turned on I was when licking his balls. Then I started to cum myself. Leslie noticed right away, reaching between my legs and catching my cum in her hand, and licked her hand clean of my cum.

I was so exhausted I almost passed out.

Leslie asked, “You really love the taste of cum don’t you, Princess?”

“Yes. Oh my, yes.”

“Whose cum do you love more?”

Sam’s of course. I looked into Sam’s eyes and said, “I love your cum.”