Talking to John’s Parents

My name is Mary and my boyfriend recently asked me to marry him. I did accept, however he doesn’t really please me sexually. He has a very small cock and when we have sex, I can’t feel it. I really don’t know if I should marry him, or just walk away. I’ve been so upset with this. I know I should be happy and enjoy planning my wedding. I just feel this is going to be setting myself up for a lifetime of cheating affairs.

Both my parents are deceased and I have no siblings. I’m very confused and just don’t know who to talk to about this problem. I love my boyfriend so much and know he’ll be a great father someday. But, sexually he does not please me.

I’m a very sexual person. Before I was with my fiancé, I had many lovers. I enjoy having hard, pounding sex. I just don’t know what to do. My fiancé does enjoy giving me hours of oral pleasure, but when he fucks me, I’m just not satisfied. I just don’t know what to do.

John gave me a very large engagement ring. I think the sucker must be 4 carats. It’s the most beautiful ring I’ve ever had. He’s very rich and treats me like an absolute princess. He buys me anything I want. He has taken me on wonderful vacations. He’s an absolute dreamboat, but he’s an absolute horrible fuck.

This is the story about when I went over to my fiancés parent’s house to talk to them about my problem. I’ll go over all the details of what happened.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was a little sad. I was going over to John’s parent’s house alone to talk to them about my problem. My parents are deceased and I have no siblings and really have no friends either. His family have been my support system. I’m very close to his sister and she has become my best friend. His parents are just wonderful people.

I really was quite upset about the topic that I was going to be discussing with them. I really didn’t know how they were going to react to what I needed to tell them. But, it had to be done and I was going over to address it. I didn’t want them to think I was a gold digger, because I really am not.

I wanted to look very pretty and wore a white flowered sundress with white panties and sandals. I did not wear a bra, because the bra is in the dress. I also bought a bouquet of stargazer flowers for Jane and a bottle of scotch for Michael. Those are John’s parents. I was feeling very nervous and scared. I just didn’t know how this was going to go down.

I grabbed the bouquet and the bottle of scotch and drove over to the Walker’s house. They live about forty minutes away from our townhouse. I cranked up the music and let my mind drift. I knew this was going to be a very hard and trying day.

While listening to the music, I started to cry. I was just so upset. I mean I love John so much and want a lifetime of happiness with him. But, his small cock just does nothing for me. I mean I could see myself having an affair within a month of us getting married. I finally got to their house and pulled up. I grabbed the flowers and the scotch and rang the bell.

Ding Dong

“Mary, come in dear we have been expecting you. You look wonderful,” Jane said.

“Thank you. I brought you flowers and Mr. Walker a bottle of Jack Daniels. I know he likes that.”

I handed Jane the flowers and she ran and put them into a vase and put them on her dining room table.

“Mary, thanks so much for the scotch. You know I love it. So how are things going with you and John,” Michael asked.

“Well that’s why I’m here. I have a very difficult topic to discuss with the two of you. I really am a little embarrassed to even bring it up. But, I know it needs to be addressed.”

“What is troubling you sweetie? Tell us we’re here for you.”

Jane and Michael led me over to the couch. I then started to cry.

“What is wrong Mary? It can’t be too bad.”

“This is going to be really hard for me to talk about, however I’m just going to say it. John has a very small dick and does not satisfy me at all. I just don’t know what to do.”

Both parents looked at each other and just started to laugh.

“Is that all dear? Is that what has you in such a fickle?”

“Yes. I don’t want to have a lifetime of affairs, because of his small penis not satisfying me.”

“My husband and I are swingers. We have multiple partners for sex. And we would love to have sex with you. We could invite you into our private club and you could have all the sex you desire. Would you like that?”

“You guys are not mad? You would be okay with me cheating on your son?”

“You’ll be cheating with us. And we are your family dear. If you don’t want to meet the others, then we could just have sex with you. We love you Mary and this really isn’t a problem at all. Do you know that my husband has a very large cock? His cock is about eight and half inches long. So no worries my darling.”

“I feel so much better now. I’d love to have sex with the two of you. Do you think we could have some now?”

“Of course. Let’s go to our bedroom,” Jane said.

I followed the Walker’s up to their bedroom. I was a little nervous, but excited too. Mr. Walker had an enormous cock that I was looking forward to play with. My heart was racing. Once we got to their bedroom, we all sat down on the bed.

“Mary, put your arms over your head and let me take this dress off of you dear.”

Michael helped me off with my dress. My nipples were stiff like erasers.

“Mary are you excited dear? You have on the most beautiful white lace panties. Stand up and model them for us.”

I stood up and my breasts were totally exposed to the Walker’s. I walked around in my panties and my sandals. The Walker’s were looking at me and licking their lips. I’m a pretty girl. I’m 5’8” and weigh one hundred and twenty pounds. I have large breasts and long legs. I have long dark hair with brown eyes.

“You’re so beautiful Mary. Why don’t you play with your pussy? Get your pussy nice and wet for us to play with you.”

I was completely turned on by this. Michael and Jane were on their bed staring at me in my panties and sandals, while I slipped my fingers into my panties and stroked at my bald pussy. I put my leg up on the chair and rubbed and massaged my clit.

“You’re so sexy Mary. Take your panties off and finger fuck yourself dear.”

While they were barking orders at me. The Walker’s stood up and undressed each other. Jayne was very attractive. They were both in their late fifties, but in good shape. Jane was 5’7” and weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds. Michael was tall and was 6’3” and about two hundred pounds. Jane had blond short hair and Michael was bald. They both had blue eyes.

I took my panties off and slipped several of my fingers up my pussy. I finger fucked myself, while they watched me. I was very excited.

“Are you ready to have your pussy licked? Lie on the bed and we’ll delight you with our tongues.”

I was so excited and ran to the bed. I spread my thighs and Michael and Jane got into position. They both took turns licking my cunt. Jane’s tongue licked all over my bald pussy and then Michael put his tongue on my swollen clitoris. He was licking in circles, while Jane tongue fucked me with her long tongue.

“Oh God, this is so erotic. You guys are so fucking sexual. I’m so wet for both of you.”

Jane slid her two fingers into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast. It didn’t take very long and my pussy gushed my hot cunt juices.

“Mary, you’re so special dear. You have a very lovely pussy and a juicy cunt.”

They both drank all my squirting juices that were pouring out of my cunt. They were like two hungry and caged animals.

“Michael will you fuck me with that huge cock? I haven’t got fucked properly in months. I’m begging you to fuck me. Please fuck me.”

“Your wish is my command. Get on your back. I’ll fuck you in the missionary position and my wife will ride your face.”

Jane stood on the bed and squatted down over my face. She lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I moved my tongue up and down over her smooth pussy. She had a shaved pussy like mine. I was lightly chewing her pussy lips and then pushed my tongue through her tight cunt. I tongue fucked her deep.

“Oh Mary, that feels so good. Oh Fuck. Eat my pussy!”

Michael then positioned himself over me and slid his huge cock up my pussy. I’m not used to having such a big cock up my tight pussy. But, once he was in, I started to move with him. My legs were at his side as he pushed deeper and deeper inside my cunt.

I was licking Jane’s pussy like a little kitten. She was so wet and started to cream on my tongue.

“I’m coming Mary. Oh you little vixen. You’re such a good pussy eater. Fuck!”

Jane had a huge orgasm. I licked it all up. She then got off of me and just watched Michael fuck me.

“Oh Michael, your cock is so amazing. Fuck me harder and faster.”

“Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you good, slut.”

I was so excited and got on my hands and knees. Michael got behind me and slid his huge cock up my cunt. He slapped my ass and called me all sorts of names as he fucked me.

“Look at you, you’re a whore. Do you like this big cock up your cunt? Do you like me fucking my beautiful daughter in law to be? Answer me slut?”

“Yes, I love your cock. It feels so good up my cunt. Fuck me harder Michael.”

As Michael was fucking me hard with his huge cock, Jane was playing with my tits. She was squeezing them and pulling at them. I was so aroused by this. Michael was giving me a proper fucking. I mean their son can’t fuck me like this. I was loving his father’s cock.

“I’m going to come. I’m coming. Oh God!”

I had a huge orgasm. Michael continued on fucking me deeper and harder and then he pulled out.

“Jane you lie down and I’ll fuck you now and Mary will squat over your face. Come on ladies.”

Jane then got on her back and Michael slid his cock right up her wet pussy. He fucked his wife hard. She was already used to his big, huge dick. I stood up and squatted over Mary’s face and she licked and adored my bald pussy. She licked up and down over my sweet and very wet pussy. She parted my pussy lips with her tongue and tongue fucked me deep and hard. I rocked my cunt over her face.

“Oh Jane, that feels so fucking good. You eat pussy like a champion.”

I rocked and moved my pussy over her face. She then finger fucked me fast and my juices came flowing out of my pussy. Michael was fucking his wife deeper and faster. Her pussy was making all these wet, squelching noises as he fucked her. Michael fucked her for a while and then pulled out.

“I want you two ladies to share my cock. Suck my big dick.”

We both knelt down and played with his huge and shaved balls. We cupped and caressed them. I played with his left one and she played with his right one. I then sucked his one huge ball and his wife sucked the other one.

“Oh that feels so good. Suck my cock ladies.”

I then licked the left portion of his cock and Jane licked the right portion, while we each played with one of his balls. She then stood up and started to suck on his cock and I was licking the bottom half.

“Oh yea, that feels so good. Mary you suck my big cock now.”

I then stood up and sucked on his huge cock. I wrapped my lips over it and took him down my throat. He was so long and so hard. I never sucked on such a huge cock in such a long time. Jane was now sucking on his huge balls.

“Get on your knees and play with your tits. I’m going to spray my come on both of your tits. Do it ladies!”

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We both got on our knees and played with our tits. Cupping and massaging them. Michael then stroked his big, beautiful cock and sprayed his come on both our breasts. When he was done, we both massaged his come onto our breasts. I did hers and she did mine.

Jane then turned her head and we enjoyed a deep and passionate kiss together. Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths.

“So Mary, I think this little arrangement will work out. You’ll marry our son and come here and have sex with us. When you become more comfortable, we’ll invite you to our swinging parties.”

“I’m so excited that you guys are so cool with this. I mean I had the best time ever. This way I get the best of both worlds. I’ll have a husband who loves me and the sexiest in-laws fucking me. I mean this is the best.”

“You’re very sweet Mary. We had the best time with you. I think this arrangement will work out nicely. Whenever our son is out of town, you’ll just come here and stay with us. We’ll have lots of fun together. When you are comfortable, we’ll introduce you to our swinging friends. Lots of cock for you dear.”

“I have to be going. Thank you both for the amazing time. I’m so happy I was brave enough to tell you my predicament.”

We all got dressed and then I kissed Jane and Michael and left their house. I then drove back home. I was so happy that they were cool and gave me the fucking of a lifetime. When I got home, I made John a wonderful dinner. I had already gotten fucked, so I was in a very good mood. I would let him make love to me, but when he did, I would just remember the hot and sexy day I had with his parents.