The Party Favor, an excerpt

Jamel ran into the video game store and quickly found one of the games he was looking for but could not find the other. He walked to the counter and saw Susie the young Asian woman who worked the morning shift at the store. Susie was a slim 22 year old woman but she had curves in all the right places and it was obvious she worked out.

Jamel knew that Susie liked him and wanted to get with him. He figured if there were any copies of the game he wanted left she would hook him up.

Jamel walked up to the counter and smiled. “Hey Susie, you pretty lady you.”

Susie blushed and smiled. “Hey Jamel. What can I do for you?”

Jamel feigned a frown. “I was looking for Steal a Car IV but you don’t seem to have it.”

Susie shrugged her shoulders. “Sorry Jamel, they are all sold out and all I have left is one pre order that is already paid for.”

Jamel smiled. “I’ll pay double for that pre order.”

Susie laughed and crossed her arms. ‘Not happening. That pre order belongs to a little boy that worked all summer doing odd jobs to get it.”

Jamel through his hands up in the air. “Come on Susie I need that game, I’ll do anything.”

Susie smiled and looked down at Jamel’s crotch. “Anything?”

Jamel looked down at his crotch and then back at Susie. “Really?”

Susie sauntered to the front door and turned the open sign to closed and then started to the back of the store. “Yes, really.”

Jamel shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “Oh well a man has to do what a man has to do.”

By the time Jamel got to the back of the store Susie was already naked and laying on a couch in the employee lounge.

Jamel began to get rock hard as he looked at Susie. She looked slim in her clothes but actually had a nice figure underneath. Jamel smiled and kicked his shoes off. He dropped his jeans and boxers and started toward Susie.

Susie’s eyes grew wide as she looked at Jamel’s dick. “Oh my God!”

Jamel grabbed his dick. “You ready for this big black dick?”

Susie rubbed her pink pussy. “Oh yeah!”

Jamel smiled and pulled Susie from the couch by her arm. He kissed her and then bent her over the couch. He began to rub her pussy which was already dripping wet. Jamel kissed her back as he inserted one finger and hen a second one into her wet pussy.

Susie moaned softly. “Stop playing.”

Jamel laughed. “Okay, you asked for it.”

Jamel slowly inserted the tip of his dick. Susie’s entire tensed up as the tip entered her. “Go slow. It hurts!”

Jamel slowly pumped the head of his dick in and out of Susie. Each time he went a little deeper. He looked down at his dick entering Susie’s pussy and saw that she was creaming like crazy as his dick went deeper and deeper.

Susie smacked the wall. “Oh shit Jamel!”

Jamel laughed. “Just a few more inches to go.”

A few minutes later Susie was taking the full ten inches and screaming in ecstasy as Jamel pounded away and slapped her ass every so often.

“It’s so big!” exclaimed Susie.

Jamel fucked her harder and harder and begun pulling her hair and kissing her neck.

As Susie screamed Jamel pumped even harder until Susie’s whole body began to convulse as she came.

Jamel stopped pumping as Susie slid off his dick and crumpled to the couch quivering.

Jamel gabbed his dick and looked down at her and smiled. “My turn!”

Jamel laid her out on the couch and dove on top of her. Jamel entered her roughly and began stroking away.

Susie smacked his ass with both hands and he pushed her legs up to her head and began to pound away.

Susie came again as Jamel’s balls slammed up against her ass. ”Jamel!”

Minutes later Jamel pulled out and nutted all over Susie’s stomach.

Jamel looked at Susie. “Was that worth that video game?”

Susie smiled as she fondled Jamel’s dick. “Shit, fuck that little boy!”