We introduced two teens to lesbian sex

Me and my four bandmates arrived in San Francisco and quickly moved into our hotel. Since we were on a budget, the place we picked was nothing fancy, but not too cheap either. Taziana and Nadia, who were going to get married, had taken a honeymoon suite together, and we figured we wouldn’t see much of them once they’re in there. The other three of us – me, Barbara and Stefania – had booked a double bedroom for us. We didn’t mind sleeping together, and it saved us some money that way.

The day after we got there, Taziana and Nadia went shopping for wedding dresses right after breakfast, so Bibi, Stef and myself also went off looking for something fancy to wear to the occasion. We figured, since there’s two brides and no real “groom”, we might as well all three dress up as grooms”men”. So we went, giggling and joking, through some boutiques and costume shops, looking for the most outrageous and crazy suits we could find. At the end, Bibi had it easiest, since she was tall and broad enough to wear men’s suits without problems. She found a sweet, bright pink smoking and a pale blue blouse with lots of frills, that stood in stark contrast to her short white hair, broad shoulders, many tattoos and generally butchy attitude. Stef and me had to grin every time we looked at her.

Stefania had a harder time. She’s pretty short and somewhat chubby, so most sizes were either too long or too tight for her. In the end, in a weird little second-hand corner shop, we found something that looked like it was made for her: A bright purple suit, studded over and over with rhinestones on all the rims and hems. However, we couldn’t find any shirt or blouse to go with it, so in the end she just wore a fishnet wifebeater shirt underneath, which she had with her all the time. She looked gorgeous. As for myself, I found a nice suit in my favourite colour, orange, that was a little more business-ish and less fancy than I would’ve liked, but I made it festive with a bright yellow shirt and ruby red tie underneath.

Hunting for all these outfits had taken all day, so it was already late when we ended up, hungry and exhausted, in one of the many diners around the city. We kept the newly bought outfits on, just for laughs, and earned a lot of weird glances from people wherever we went, which all of us found hilarious. Overall though, San Francisco is a very open and friendly city and gay people in weird outfits were commonplace enough for people to not be outraged any more. We were all the more taken aback when suddenly a group of young students, two girls and two guys, entered the diner, all in their high school jackets promoting some football team, the girls still wearing the short skirts and tops from their cheerleading practice, and started openly making fun of us, loud enough for us to hear.

“God, I hate gays,” one of the guys said as they took seats behind us.

“Yeaah,” a girl replied, in the bored tone of adolescents, that’s meant to show both disinterest and omniscience.

“I don’t know why they need to be gay,” the other guy joked. “No man would want to fuck them anyway, so they don’t have to worry about that.”

Stef rolled her eyes and leaned her head on her arm, stabbing at the rest of her pancakes with her fork, but didn’t say anything. Bibi, on the other hand, got visibly upset. Her face grew red and I could see the vein on her forehead, which was never a good sign. “Those fucking cretins,” she said in our local dialect. “I bet when I’m done with them, their momma’s won’t be able to tell their butts from their faces.”

I laughed, and replied, also in our language: “Wanna bet we can get the girlfriends to prefer pussy?” I asked, winking at Stefania.

After a few minutes, the two girls on the other table got up and left for the bathroom, while their boyfriends continued with their rude remarks. I nodded at Barbara and got up with Stef, strolling to the ladies’ rooms ourselves. Bibi stayed behind ordering another coffee.

When we entered the bathroom, the two girls were at the sinks, chattering, but got instantly silent when they saw us walk in. We went to a mirror next to them and I asked Stef for some make up. She dug around her purse and handed me some lipstick and eyeliner, which I took a painfully long time applying.

When the girls heard us talk in another language, they grew somewhat curious. “You’re not from around here, huh?” one of them asked, chewing some bubble gum as she eyed me up and down.

I smiled back at her and replied in my best fake broken english: “No, we from Italia.”

Stef grinned and leaned back against the sink. “Oh wow,” the other girl said. “I’m irish-italian myself.” She was quite thin and athletic, with long brunette hair that she had dried into long wavy curls, tanned skin, a very round, american face and cute dimples.

“Great,” Stefania said in italian. “It’s so good to meet a fellow countryman.”

The girl looked at her with a confused and empty stare and I punched her side with my elbow. “What she means is her ancestors came here from italy,” I told Stef, also in italian.

She laughed, and then began a long italian diatribe that would’ve put every sicilian fishmonger to shame, all the while smiling at her. “Ah, so you mean you have no clue about our culture, our language, our history, you wouldn’t find Italy on a map if your tits were pinned to it and your only connection is that some old cocksucker left there 150 years ago and came to America to fuck a donkey up the ass, which in some way created your family line.”

The girl looked at me puzzled. I smiled. “What she mean,” I said in english. “Is it’s wonderful to meet you and we love America. It’s been named after an italian after all, so we’re practically home.”

Her friend looked at us confused. She was blonde, about the same height as the “irish-italian” girl, also tanned and slim, though a little more muscular, and with the same round face. Both of them looked to be about 18 or 19 years old. Obviously we weren’t like anything she had encountered before and so she didn’t quite know how to deal with it. “What do you mean?” she asked.

Stefania rolled her eyes. “Amerigo Vespucci,” she said, making a gesture with her hand, then continued in italian: “God, you really don’t know anything, do you? You’ve sucked so much cock your brains got flushed out by cum?”

I grinned, trying hard not to laugh. “She say Amerigo Vespucci a famous italian explorer. America named after him.”

The girls looked at each other. “Whatever,” said the blonde and shrugged. “So what brings you to S.F.?”

“Our friends get married,” I replied.

“Awww,” both girls said, “how nice!”

I nodded. “Yes, there’s two brides, and we all going to be groomsmen,” I explained. They looked at each other.

“Oh,” said the blonde finally. “So… they’re two girls?”

I nodded again. “Oh yes, they been together forever.”

The dark-haired “irish-italian” made a sour face, as if she had suddenly swallowed a lemon. “Ewww,” she said. “Why do you have to do that? Can’t you be christian, like everyone else?”

I scratched my head. “What’s christian?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“You know,” the blonde said. “Like, a girl and a boy, getting married, having kids, like the bible says.”

Stef laughed and I cringed. “And no sex before marriage,” I said jokingly.

They looked back and said in earnest: “Yes, of course.”

I leaned back and crossed my arms in front of my chest. “So how do you know you good in bed, when you have no sex before marriage?” I asked.

“I’m good in bed!” the blonde protested.

“Oh, you made anyone cum yet?” I asked slyly. She didn’t answer, but looked grim. “So how you know you good in bed when you never made anyone cum?”

Her friend interrupted: “I’ve made boys cum!” she said.

I raised my eyebrow, saying: “Oh, but you don’t have sex?”

She shook her head violently. “Blowing them is not sex,” she said.

I laughed. “So what is sex?” I asked.

She looked at her friend, then said: “You know, when he’s in my… va-jay-jay.”

I looked surprised. “Your what?” I asked.

“My vagina!” she said, slightly unnerved.

I laughed. “Oh, so everything else is no sex?” I said. She nodded. “So, if you suck my pussy, we don’t have sex? And we no gay either?” I concluded. She shrugged, uncertain.

“Why would we do that?” her blonde friend asked.

I cocked my head to the side. “Maybe to see if you really good in bed as you say,” I answered. “Or maybe because this is only chance for you to learn about good sex from two older italian women.” I laughed. They looked at each other again as I took off my jacket and placed it onto the counter, stretching slightly and pushing my bust out more as I slowly stepped towards the dark haired girl, swaying my hips as I walked. She just watched me as I approached her and didn’t flinch when I placed my index finger on her lips. Slowly she parted them, wrapping them around my finger in a sucking pout as I cheekily pushed it in and out of her mouth. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see her friend watch her in shock.

I pulled the finger back and licked at it with my tongue, my face close enough to hers to feel her faint breath on my skin and smell her hair. I smiled again, closing my eyes as I sighed deeply and ran my hand inside the all-too-tight pants, managing to slip the wet index finger between my pussy lips and dip it into my moist juices, then pulled it back out. I stared at it quizzically and sighed. “Well, you not so bad, made me wet already,” I whispered. She grinned in response and reluctantly began tasting the finger again as I held it out to her. It must’ve had only a faint taste of pussy on it, but she finally sucked it into her mouth again, savouring the feeling. I could see her squirm and move nervously. She had a hard time holding back as she felt the need to finally touch herself.

Next to me, Stef had opened her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. Underneath, she was wearing one of her corsets that gave her already curvy figure an even more appetizing shape. Her big, busty breasts were hanging heavily over the top of the corset, dark areolas showing prominently around her hard, perky nipples. She backed the blonde against the sink and ran her hands down her body, caressing her young, athletic figure as she shivered, wandering lower and lower until she squatted, almost kneeling, in front of her pelvis. Determined, she pushed her little mini skirt up and instantly began licking across her pink panties underneath, at one point clenching them with her teeth and pulling at them, probably biting her clit in the process.

I shifted my attention back to my dark-haired beauty and smiled. “So this is not sex?” I said, innocently.

She swallowed hard but shook her head. “N-no,” she said. I nodded, reaching under her own skirt, my hand rubbing hard across her panties, feeling them wet and ever wetter as my finger pressed firm on her prominent, hard little clit.

“And this is not sex too?” I asked again. She shook her head, bus closed her eyes, moaning sligtly. I grinned, rubbing harder as my fingers slid sideways under her panties, feeling her soft warm skin and wet labia.

“Mmmh, but I can’t go in there, huh?” I asked, playfully running a finger across the entrance of her pussy.

She gasped, her mouth half open, and finally said: “N… no. I’m a virgin.” I chuckled, stifling a laugh as my fingers ran deeper, my wet index finger slipping up her butt crack until I felt her tight puckered anus.

Playfully, I ran it across and around, whispering again: “But in here is okay, then it’s no sex?” I look into her eyes as innocently as I can.

She doesn’t answer and just stays like this, with her eyes closed and arched slightly backwards against the sink, so I finally push my finger deeper, feeling it enter her tight ass as it wraps hot and tight around its length. I watch every breath, every movement of her body as I probe her. She gives off little gasps and her firm, small breasts were heaving and pushing upwards. I bent across her, starting to fuck her little ass with my finger and kiss her neck at the same time, working upwards until our lips meet each other and I taste her lipstick. She’s a bad kisser, or maybe just shy when it comes to kissing a girl, but I don’t really care. I slowly crouch, sliding down her body until my head is on level with her crotch.

Her pussy got already slightly exposed when my fingers slid underneath her panties. I pull them fully aside and take a moment to inspect her. She’s shaved, like young girls usually are, and smells… strange. Not like pussy at all, more like perfume, which turns me off. I shrug and begin to lick, still drilling her hot ass with my finger, which she seems to enjoy. She’s as tasteless as she is odorless, with only a faint hint of soap on her labia, her juices clear and bland, like water. I start sucking her, making sure her clit gets adequate and special treatment with my tongue, lips and teeth, until I feel her squirm heavily, groaning and moaning. I stop, short before she can come, pulling my finger out and look sideways at Stef. She’s working the blonde’s pussy as diligently and devotedly as she can. I push her side with my elbow and wink as she looks at me.

We both get up, leaving the girls breathing hard and visibly aroused. I kiss my bandmate, feeling her warm, soft tits against my chest, smelling the familiar fragrance of her hair and skin. The girls look at us confused. I shrug, trying hard not to laugh. “Well,” I say. “I wouldn’t want to make you gay, or take your virginity.”

Stef starts to giggle. “B-b-but…” says the irish-italian. “But I… we… what about us?” I turn to Stef who is just as aroused as me, and knows exactly what I want. She opens my pants and gets to her knees, pulling them down with her. For a moment the girls stare incredulous at my auburn pubic hair, before Stef buries her face in it and sucks my hairy muff hungrily and without hesitation. I don’t pay any attention to the teens anymore, but out of the corner of my eye I can see them both playing with themselves hesitantly.

Suddenly, the dark-haired one is next to Stef in front of me, almost kneeling down as far as my friend and looking up at me. “Can I help, too?” she asks. I smile and Stef kisses her, giving her a first taste of my cunt juices from her lips.

My big-tittet submissive friend crawls around me into my back while the young american teen takes her place, hesitantly running her fingers through my bush, parting my labia and touching them with the tip of her tongue. She looks at me puzzled, trying half-heartedly to lick. “What should I do,” she asks, pausing, while I can feel Stef parting my butt and running her tongue between my butt cheeks.

I shudder, whispering after a moment: “Mmmmhhh. What you like doing?”

The girl shook her head. “You’re the older one,” she says. “You need to tell me.”

Again, Stefania’s tongue on my ass, deeper this time, caressing my anus. I groan. “Uhhh, but what if you don’t like it?” I ask.

She shakes her head again. “Make me do it. Use me.”

I smile, grabbing her by her hair and pulling her face hard against my crotch. “Suck my cunt,” I say harshly. “Suck it deep and clean it with your mouth, make sure you get all the juices out and swallow them.” She stares at me for a moment, but then does as she is told. Her lips close around my labia and she begins to suck them into her mouth. The feeling alone gets my juices flowing even heavier than before, until I feel a river of slime running out of me. Throughout, Stefania keeps licking my ass, trying to get as deep inside with her tongue as she can.

The girl was hesitant, initially, but soon gets into it and just makes sure to do exactly as she is told, cleaning me as good as she can while getting as much of my cunt slime in her mouth as possible. Hands on her knees, her mouth is constantly on my pussy, lapping and licking. Her blonde friend is keeping to herself, rubbing her crotch as she watches from the sidelines. “Mmmmh,” I say finally, about to burst. “How do you like it? How do you like the taste of this mature cunt?”

She looks up at me, pausing for a moment. “Just… use me,” she says quietly. “Like I’m your whore daughter who gets taught a lesson.” I moan again as Stef begins probing my ass with her fingers, fucking me slowly and gently.

“Oh yes? In front of your friend?” I ask. Without looking at the blonde girl, the dark-haired beauty nods. I start gasping for air, close to cumming. “Open… your… mouth,” I pant, pressing the words out. Immediately she opens wide, looking up at me expectantly as I can feel it coming.

I squirt, hard, not even trying to hold back, making sure my faintly yellow stream of piss and cum hits her mouth. She swallows immediately, drinking, looking up at me at all times, wanting to show me what a good obedient whore-daughter she would be. As the force subsides, I just release pee onto her, most of which she manages to swallow, but in between gulps some spurts hit her cheerleader top and run down her tits. I don’t stop until my bladder is completely empty, making sure she got everything she could possibly give. Finally, I smile down at her. “You’re a good little piss-whore,” I say.

“Thank you, miss,” she answers sternly, still looking up at me, smears of pee all around her mouth.

“Do you have a name?” I ask.

She nods. “Larissa,” she says. “I’ll serve you whenever you need.”

Stef and me got dressed and we left the girls in the bathroom. When we got out, the guys were nowhere in sight, only Bibi sipping bored at her drink. “Took your sweet time,” she said as we got to her.

I shrugged. “Girls gotta eat,” I said laughing, then suddenly noticed some red stains on her knuckles. “What happened to you?” I asked curiously.

She smiled smugly. “Me and the boys had a little talk, and then they suddenly wanted to go.” I think we laughed all the way back to the hotel.


This was written on the request of a reader.

For Larissa.