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The Party Favor, an excerpt

Jamel ran into the video game store and quickly found one of the games he was looking for but could not find the other. He walked to the counter and saw Susie the young Asian woman who worked the morning shift at the store. Susie was a slim 22 year old woman but she had curves in all the right places and it was obvious she worked out.

Jamel knew that Susie liked him and wanted to get with him. He figured if there were any copies of the game he wanted left she would hook him up.

Jamel walked up to the counter and smiled. “Hey Susie, you pretty lady you.”

Susie blushed and smiled. “Hey Jamel. What can I do for you?”

Jamel feigned a frown. “I was looking for Steal a Car IV but you don’t seem to have it.”

Susie shrugged her shoulders. “Sorry Jamel, they are all sold out and all I have left is one pre order that is already paid for.”

Jamel smiled. “I’ll pay double for that pre order.”

Susie laughed and crossed her arms. ‘Not happening. That pre order belongs to a little boy that worked all summer doing odd jobs to get it.”

Jamel through his hands up in the air. “Come on Susie I need that game, I’ll do anything.”

Susie smiled and looked down at Jamel’s crotch. “Anything?”

Jamel looked down at his crotch and then back at Susie. “Really?”

Susie sauntered to the front door and turned the open sign to closed and then started to the back of the store. “Yes, really.”

Jamel shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “Oh well a man has to do what a man has to do.”

By the time Jamel got to the back of the store Susie was already naked and laying on a couch in the employee lounge.

Jamel began to get rock hard as he looked at Susie. She looked slim in her clothes but actually had a nice figure underneath. Jamel smiled and kicked his shoes off. He dropped his jeans and boxers and started toward Susie.

Susie’s eyes grew wide as she looked at Jamel’s dick. “Oh my God!”

Jamel grabbed his dick. “You ready for this big black dick?”

Susie rubbed her pink pussy. “Oh yeah!”

Jamel smiled and pulled Susie from the couch by her arm. He kissed her and then bent her over the couch. He began to rub her pussy which was already dripping wet. Jamel kissed her back as he inserted one finger and hen a second one into her wet pussy.

Susie moaned softly. “Stop playing.”

Jamel laughed. “Okay, you asked for it.”

Jamel slowly inserted the tip of his dick. Susie’s entire tensed up as the tip entered her. “Go slow. It hurts!”

Jamel slowly pumped the head of his dick in and out of Susie. Each time he went a little deeper. He looked down at his dick entering Susie’s pussy and saw that she was creaming like crazy as his dick went deeper and deeper.

Susie smacked the wall. “Oh shit Jamel!”

Jamel laughed. “Just a few more inches to go.”

A few minutes later Susie was taking the full ten inches and screaming in ecstasy as Jamel pounded away and slapped her ass every so often.

“It’s so big!” exclaimed Susie.

Jamel fucked her harder and harder and begun pulling her hair and kissing her neck.

As Susie screamed Jamel pumped even harder until Susie’s whole body began to convulse as she came.

Jamel stopped pumping as Susie slid off his dick and crumpled to the couch quivering.

Jamel gabbed his dick and looked down at her and smiled. “My turn!”

Jamel laid her out on the couch and dove on top of her. Jamel entered her roughly and began stroking away.

Susie smacked his ass with both hands and he pushed her legs up to her head and began to pound away.

Susie came again as Jamel’s balls slammed up against her ass. ”Jamel!”

Minutes later Jamel pulled out and nutted all over Susie’s stomach.

Jamel looked at Susie. “Was that worth that video game?”

Susie smiled as she fondled Jamel’s dick. “Shit, fuck that little boy!”


White Wife Impregnated in India

One of the benefits of working for a large, international corporation is the potential for overseas assignments. A stint at a foreign subsidiary usually comes with premium pay, better advancement prospects after returning home, and the opportunity to learn a new culture. My husband, Ed, works for a major information technology company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and he was given the chance to work as second-in-command for the firm’s foreign office in Chennai, India, for two years.

My name is Sarah, and we were at a perfect time in our lives to accept such an assignment. We were married in college and were lucky to have the support of our families to finish school. Our son was born just as we were going into our junior year. At the time of the offer for the assignment in India, our son was eighteen years old and headed off to college. Ed and I were only thirty-eight years old and ready for adventure. Even better, Ed’s new boss helped me to find a job in Chennai which utilized my skills in the business process outsourcing field.

We were given two weeks to wrap up our personal and business affairs in California before making the move. I did quite a bit of online research about Chennai. It is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, located on the east coast of South India, off the Bay of Bengal. The city was previously named Madras under British colonial rule. It has a tropical wet and dry climate with temperatures near or above one hundred degrees for part of the year.

The majority of people living there are Tamils who practice the Hindu religion. The experts don’t totally agree on the origins of the Tamil people, but many think they are from a racial sub-group called Dravidians. They are generally characterized as having dark brown skin; dark, wavy hair; and dark eyes. There can be some variations in features, but many of them are short to medium in height and they generally have more-European, rather than African facial features.

It was hard to digest some of the very lengthy articles on the Indian people, but I did learn that skin color is a big issue for the Tamils. That is because of the ancient and somewhat enduring caste system in India that regards dark skin as being a lower caste. The men seem to favor women with fair skin and there is a huge market for skin lightening products among the Tamil women.

I also tried to learn a little about the Indian culture in general, and followed many links into areas regarding some of their sexual practices. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of those articles, but many were very interesting. India is a predominately patriarchal society in which women, and especially young, unmarried women, are treated as second-class citizens. During historic times, and continuing to modern times in some areas, Indian family society revolved around the joint family system. This was especially true in small towns and villages where several brothers lived under one roof with their parents.

Each son had his own rooms, but in such close living of brothers with their wives, promiscuity was common. The mother would often encourage a woman to fuck her husband’s brother, as often as possible, especially when the brother was away from home for a few days or longer. This was thought to keep the wives from straying outside of the family.

In addition to promiscuity in the family, there were numerous articles describing sex between the ruling castes and those of lower station. It was not uncommon for young women or even wives of the lower, darker castes to service the priests and other leaders as both domestic and sexual servants.

Whether those articles were accurate or not, the picture forming in my mind of some Indian men was that they were horny and promiscuous, even beyond Western standards. I found myself wondering whether the prevailing patriarchal society, coupled with a history of treating women as second-class citizens and sexual objects, were the fundamental causes of the increasingly reported incidents of sexual violence in India. It probably didn’t help that the sex ratio in the Tamil Nadu region was five percent less females than males.

Other things I learned are that many Indian men regarded western white women, and especially American women, to be easy. The Indian girls were raised traditionally, and were very strict about who they lost their virginity with and when. Thinking that white women were easy sexually might have been due to the influence of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, or the way white women dressed so scandalously, compared to Indian standards. So some Indian men turned to white girls or other Indian men for sexual satisfaction. Even self-identified heterosexual males might still engage in sex with other men, and not even consider it to be sex in their culture.

As I continued my research, I got into some areas that could be considered pornographic. I ran across one website that speculated about the average penis sizes among various countries. Africa was shown as the largest at a little over seven inches long, which was no surprise, and the United States was a little more than five inches. India was shown as four inches. Of course those are only averages, and I can’t vouch for the accuracy of those numbers.

Since we were going to India, I did some other searches and found blogs that talked anecdotally about penis sizes in the different regions there. Several of them bragged that Tamil men had long, thick, brown cocks that were mostly uncircumcised. I knew that it wasn’t necessarily accurate to generalize that way, so I looked for some pictures.

Judging from the pictures and video clips I saw, many of the Tamil cocks were at least six inches long and thick. Others though looked to be eight, ten and even twelve inches long, and very thick. The skin on their cocks and big balls was even darker than the skin on the rest of their bodies, and they had a lot of curly black hair. Ed’s dick is about five inches long, thin, and circumcised, so I was impressed with those bigger and thicker cocks, and especially the foreskins. Watching that brown skin sliding back and forth, exposing and then covering the big cock heads that were wet with oozing precum was very arousing to me. Some of those cock heads were brown, but many others were a lighter red or pink that made them look even more delicious.

I probably should explain why those cocks impressed me so much. For the last three years, Ed and I had been fantasizing during sex. It all started one night when he was surfing the web, and came across a porn site that had stories and video clips about cuckold relationships. He called me over and we read a few stories together, just enough to realize that some white couples were obsessed with black men and their big cocks. We surprisingly pictured ourselves in those stories. The videos of huge, black cocks fucking lustful white women turned us on even more. I was also surprised at how excited Ed got looking at those cocks.

Ed and I had always enjoyed having oral sex together, but he previously only ate me out before we fucked. After being exposed to that cuckold site, he began sucking my pussy clean of his own cum after he ejaculated into me. We also had elaborate, fantasy date nights, where we imagined that I was fucked by one or more big-cocked black men. So seeing those Tamil photos with their big, dark cocks really turned me on.

I discussed all of my research with Ed, and had him sit with me to look at the Tamil cock pictures and video clips. He was turned on looking at them too, and said, “Wow, Sarah, I had no idea that some Indian men had cocks that big. Those articles described many of them as being pretty horny too. We can start fantasizing about them if you want. Just be careful when we get to India though; my company already warned me that India’s enforcement of sexual harassment laws is largely non-existent, and a joke in most cases. It seems that a pretty, blonde, white woman like you will be a target for those horny fuckers.”

This is probably a good time for me to tell you about ourselves. Ed is a pretty average, good looking guy at six feet tall and weighing one hundred and eighty-five pounds. We both work out and are in good shape. I am five feet and six inches tall and weigh one hundred and thirty pounds on my small frame. Part of that weight is due to my big, firm, natural DD-cup breasts and a firm-but cushy, heart shaped ass. My hair is a cute, shoulder-length cut, natural strawberry-blonde and my eyes are bright green. To round out the package, I am considered to be very pretty, and resemble the actress Nicole Kidman. My skin is creamy, almost translucent alabaster with just a few freckles.

We had one stop on our nineteen hour flight to Chennai from San Francisco, and arrived there on a Monday morning. The company limo picked us up and took us to our furnished condominium in the city. We made a few phone calls and then slept off the jet lag, waking up early on Tuesday. Ed and I took separate cabs to our new jobs. I attracted a lot of attention from the dozens of Tamil men that I encountered by the time I got to my new office. Many of them whistled and said things in the Tamil language that I obviously didn’t understand. Most of the Tamil population speaks English, with an Indian accent, so I know that what they were saying was probably off-color, at best.

I first met with Kadal, the Tamil director of my work group. He appeared to be in his early fifties and has dark skin. He looked me over closely since I was wearing a short skirt and tight blouse, instead of the traditional, conventional sari that many of the Indian women wore. He told me that I would be working with a client-service team with three Tamil men and a Tamil woman, and he took me to meet them.

Our team leader Deven looked to be in his late-forties. He is about my height and has very dark skin. The other two men, Himal and Pavin were a little shorter than Deven, with the same dark brown skin, and looked to be in their early-forties. I was finally introduced to the woman Bushra. She looked to be forty years old and her skin is a little lighter than the others. She is very pretty, and even wearing her sari, I could see that she has very big breasts.

The first day at work was spent indoctrinating me about the four clients that our team serviced and the local rules and etiquette followed by employees at the firm. We were encouraged to eat lunch together every day in the company cafeteria. That would help foster team cooperation in completing our tasks. It didn’t take me very long to be able to understand their thick Tamil accents, and they made me feel welcome. The men were very outgoing and attentive to me, while Bushra sat quietly, and seemed to be subservient to the men.

Even on the first day those men showed little restraint in approaching me. If they were at my desk answering a question or giving me directions of some kind, they stood close to me to look down my blouse, and periodically touched my back or shoulders to make a point. That would have been considered sexual harassment in the United States, but it was apparently accepted practice in Chennai.

We had good group lunches in the cafeteria, and the men would sometimes talk Tamil. From their gestures and manner, I knew that they were making lewd comments about me, as Bushra sat silent. I also noticed that the men mixed in little packets of herbs with their food. On Friday of my first week, the men left our lunch break early and left Bushra and me at the table. She was usually so quiet and I wanted to get to know her better. When the men left I said, “This has been a good week for me, Bushra, and I appreciate all of your help. I don’t understand the Tamil language, but it sure seemed to me that the men were having fun at my expense. Would you please tell me about that? Also, what are those herbs that the men mixed into their food?”

Bushra seemed much more relaxed with the men gone. She smiled and replied, “These are grown men who sometimes act like little boys around pretty women. They were making comments about your pretty face and white skin, as well as your big breasts. They think that you must have loose morals to dress the way you do. And those herbs are ancient remedies that are supposed to increase semen and sperm volume as well as virility.”

I responded, “Thank you for being so honest with me. I did some research and read that some Indian men are strongly attracted to white women, but I didn’t really expect them to be so open about it. And at their ages, why do you think those herbs are so important to them?”

She laughed and said, “Their virility is very important to them. They see themselves as manly breeders ready to pounce on any receptive woman, and they openly brag about their big cocks. You need to be careful around them, Sarah. They would like nothing better than to give a pretty, white woman like you a brown, Tamil baby.”

I asked, “Why would they think that I would even be receptive to them?”

Bushra laughed again and said, “No offense, but many Tamil men consider white women to be easy targets for them. They see the revealing way you dress as almost an invitation for their advances. They have even approached me many times for sex, but I am very happy with my husband and turned them down. You coming onto the scene has taken some of that pressure off of me.”

After a long, hard first week for both of us, Ed and I were finally able to relax and talk on the weekend. He told me about his new job and how much he liked his new boss. I told him all about my experiences with my work team, and my conversation with Bushra. Ed listened intently and said, “Based on the laws here, I don’t think you’ll be able to do much about those men. I’m just being realistic about it. And from what we read, we shouldn’t be surprised. I know that you’ll find a way to handle it. In the meantime, those guys might give us some fantasy material.”

I replied, “Fantasy is one thing, but what if those men get even more aggressive with me. Where do you think I should draw the line? After seeing those cock pictures online, and then hearing Bushra say they are always bragging about having big cocks, I might be tempted to at least get a look at them, given the opportunity. And in case things get out of hand, you know I’m not on any birth control. The rhythm method has worked well for us for eighteen years, but we’ve been lucky. It’s not one hundred percent effective.”

Ed responded, “Whoa there, honey, I think you might be getting the cart before the horse. So far they really haven’t done anything that bad. We both enjoyed looking at those Tamil cock pictures. Maybe it would be fun for you to at least get at look at them, if you can do it safely.”

I was a little pissed off but at the same time turned on by Ed’s suggestive comments. I wanted to clarify his feelings about it and asked, “What are you saying, Ed? Would you really be comfortable having me become that intimate with those men? That seems to be taking our fantasies a little far.”

Ed laughed and said, “I’m just saying that you have my blessing to explore your fantasies a little, if the opportunity presents itself.”

I wasn’t sure what caused Ed’s more open attitude, but I intended to enjoy it. I continued wearing my short skirts and tight, revealing blouses, and even began going without a bra. The longer I knew the men on my team, the more they touched me. Then one night I was working late, alone with Deven, putting some reports together for one of our clients. It was hot that night since the air conditioning is turned off after 6:00 pm. I was standing at the work table binding some of the materials, when he made his move on me.

He walked up behind me and pressed himself against me. Since we are the same height, I felt what had to be his cock lump pressed into the crack of my ass. I just stood there frozen for a moment trying to decide how to react to my boss. He must have taken that as my approval, because then he reached around my sides, cupping and weighing both of my breasts in his hands. I was just getting ready to turn around to say something when he nuzzled and kissed my neck before saying, “Sarah, you are so beautiful and have been teasing us with your fantastic body. I just had to feel your big tits and let you feel my big cock against your ass. White ladies love big, brown Tamil cocks.”

I liked what he was doing but felt like I should at least show some token resistance. I struggled against his grip on my breasts and said, “I read that Indian men could be pretty horny, but you shouldn’t be doing this. Aren’t you afraid that I will report you to Kadal?”

He laughed and said, “This isn’t America, and Kadal would like to feel your body himself. I will stop if you tell me to, but dressing the way you do makes me think that I am not upsetting you so much.”

That was the perfect opportunity for me to see his big, brown cock in the flesh. So I thought I would tease and challenge him a little. I turned around facing him and said, “I’ve heard that some Tamil men have big cocks, but I’m not sure it’s true. I’ll show you my tits if you show me your cock.”

From the look on Deven’s face, I knew that I had just made him the happiest man in the world. We were still standing close and facing one another as I unbuttoned my blouse. My huge breasts swung into view and he immediately leaned down to suck my right nipple and areola into his mouth. As he sucked me I reached to unbuckle his belt and unfasten the button on his pants. Many of the urban Indian men wear normal, American-style pants and shirts instead of the veshti wrap-around cloths that many of the rural men wear.

I briefly rubbed his cock lump as I unzipped and dropped his pants to the floor. He was wearing normal tight, white underwear instead of the traditional langota cloth wrap. I pushed his underwear down and gripped his thick, damp shaft, which I could just barely fit my hand around. His cock felt like it must be about eight inches long and I loved the wetness of his cock head and shaft as the foreskin slid back and forth. I had only been stroking him for a few minutes when I learned a little about how assertive Indian men could be with women. He pulled his mouth from my nipple and started pushing me to my knees as he said, “Get down there and suck my cock, you fucking white, American slut. Our Tamil women aren’t as easy as you.”

It was surprisingly arousing having my boss demean me that way, and I quickly got on my knees. His cock is a very dark brown, almost black, and he has huge, egg-sized balls hanging between his legs. The odor of his sweaty crotch was musky and strong and turned me on even more. I held his shaft in one hand as I held and fondled his massive balls with the other, before taking the pink, precum-oozing head of his cock and brown foreskin into my mouth. I opened as wide as I could to take the first five inches of his cock into my mouth as I sucked his brown meat and swirled my tongue around the head.

He held my head with both hands as he began thrusting his cock into and out of my mouth, as he said, “That’s it; worship my cock, you fucking whore. I just love seeing my black cock in the creamy white mouth of a slut like you.”

I was only sucking him for a few minutes when he held me tightly on his cock as it started throbbing and jumping in my mouth. I was flooded with his semen and sperm which had a strong, but delicious, taste, likely due to the spicy food he usually ate. Those herbs the men ate sure seemed to be working on Deven, and he pumped much more cum into my mouth than Ed ever did. I swallowed his thick cum and continued sucking his cock until it softened in my mouth. He pushed me away and said, “Whoa, Sarah, that‘s enough for now. I’ll let you suck my balls in a few minutes, while I’m building another load for you to eat.”

We leaned up against the table for a few minutes, with his pants still down and my bare tits jiggling at my every movement. As much as I liked the way he talked to me, I thought it was best to clear the air since we still needed to be able to work together. So I said, “Deven, you know that was some pretty rough talk. Do you mean everything you said? Will we still be able to work together?”

He wasn’t as defensive as I thought he might be as he replied, “I guess that I didn’t mean to be so crude, but what I was saying is the way that I and many other Tamil men feel about white women from America. The evidence of it is the way you dress and how easy it was for me to get my cock into your mouth. After all, I’ve only known you for less than two weeks. Just imagine what next week might bring. But we will be able to work together, since I can separate the sex and work aspects in my mind.”

I didn’t say a word, but just pushed him back to sit in a chair. Then I got on my knees in front of him and sucked his huge, black, sweaty balls, until his cock hardened again above my face. Then I sucked his cock until I got another big load of his tasty semen and sperm. As we were getting dressed and ready to leave, I looked at him and said, “Well, Deven, I guess what I read about Tamil cocks is true. And Bushra was sure right about what those herbs did for you. I’ve never eaten such a big load of tasty cum like that before.”

The taste of Deven’s cum load was still in my mouth when I got home. I decided that it was best not to tell Ed about what I had done until the weekend when we had more time to talk it out. I went to sleep dreaming about that big, brown cock and Deven’s tasty cum. The next morning when I got to the office I noticed that Deven was in Kadal’s office with the door closed but the blinds still open. They were talking and laughing about something, and it was pretty easy to guess what it was about. Kadal pointed to let Deven know that I had just come into the work area, and then they had another laugh.

My work was progressing as normal until mid-morning when I got a call from Kadal telling me to come to his office. I was a little worried, but couldn’t see how I could be in trouble. As I took a seat in front of his desk, Kadal closed and locked the door and closed the blinds. Then he took a seat behind his desk. He looked at me and smiled before saying, “Deven has told me that you are doing very good work for us here. It usually takes new people, and especially women, longer to get acclimated to what is expected of them. It also usually takes a little longer for American women to understand what is expected of them in our culture.”

He paused for a moment as I sat nervously squirming in the chair and then he continued, “Deven tells me that you learned last night how big and tasty Tamil cocks are, and that you especially liked his big and plentiful load of semen and sperm. It was very nice of you to suck his balls as he prepared another load of seed for you to eat. We knew when you first arrived how slutty American women can be. We’re hoping that a pretty white woman like you, who was slutty enough to so easily open her mouth for Tamil cock, would also be willing to spread her legs and take our seed.”

I could hardly believe how direct Kadal was about wanting to fuck me. As much as the thought of fucking their big cocks appealed to me, I wasn’t sure about going ahead with it, especially without Ed’s approval. So I decided to just tell the truth to buy a little more time. I know that I was blushing when I responded, “I did enjoy sucking Deven’s cock and balls last night and swallowing his cum. I just don’t think I’m ready yet to be fucked. My husband is the only man who has ever fucked me, and I haven’t been on birth control for years.”

When Kadal heard that I wasn’t on birth control, he became very excited. He reached down to rub his cock as he said, “Oh fuck, Sarah, it would be so enjoyable to fuck an unprotected white slut like you. I would love to fill your pussy with my big load of seed and give you a Tamil baby. Does your husband know what a slut you are for sucking another man’s cock? Hell, I’ll bet that he is one of those weak, white cuckold husbands who loves to watch his wife fuck other men, especially dark men with big cocks, and suck them himself.”

I wanted to keep him interested so I smiled and said, “No, Kadal, he doesn’t know yet what I’ve done and I have never cuckolded him, at least not yet.”

He interrupted me before I could offer to suck his cock and said, “Ahh, Sarah, since you said ‘at least not yet’, that means that your teammates and I may one day get the chance to plant our seeds in your womb. In the meantime though, you need to follow me to the couch and take care of my problem. All of this talk has given me an erection that needs to be drained.”

Kadal stood and had his back to me as he dropped his pants and underwear before walking the few steps to the couch to sit down. His cock is longer than Deven’s, probably over nine inches long, and even thicker. As he stroked back the foreskin I saw that he also has a pink cock head. It looked so tasty seeing the thick, black foreskin slide back and forth, revealing the pink head on each stroke. His balls are also huge and were hanging down over the edge of the couch in his hairy, black scrotum.

I took off my blouse, which got him even more excited, and then got on my knees between his legs. The first taste of his oozing cock head was amazing, and I loved the texture and taste of his foreskin and the other cock skin. He also had a manly, musky aroma that made my pussy wet. I hungrily sucked his cock as he looked down at me smiling, and playing with my breasts, happy that they had found a white slut to suck their cocks. It only took him a few minutes to cum, and he filled my mouth with a huge load of semen and sperm. The taste was strong, but a little different than the cum Deven fed to me.

After nursing his deflating cock to get all of the remaining juice, I moved his meat out of the way to suck his huge balls. The aroma and taste of his genitals were even stronger there, and I sucked his balls until his big cock was hard again. Without him asking or telling me to, I engulfed his cock in my mouth and gave him another blowjob. He must have been taking the same herbs as the other men, because even his second load was big enough to gag me.

When I got back out to my team, it was plain to see that Deven had told the others, including Bushra, that I had sucked Kadal and his cocks. For the rest of the week it seem like the men were always at my desk, openly rubbing my breasts while I rubbed their cocks. I ended up sucking off Deven, Himal and Pavin in the storage closet, and Bushra always smiled when I came back to my desk wiping my mouth and fixing the buttons on my blouse.

That weekend I told Ed what I had done, and expected him to be furious with me. Instead, he made me tell him everything about sucking those four men, including the smallest details about their cocks, balls, and cum loads. I told the stories over and over all weekend. We were fucking like rabbits, and I had never seen him so eager to suck my pussy clean of his cum. When I asked him to help me decide how far I should let things go, he just smiled and said, “Everything you’ve told me so far is so fucking hot. You’ve got my blessing to take it as far as you want, as long as I get to hear all of the details.”

I wanted to make sure what I was hearing, so I asked, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Are you giving me permission to fuck those men? If I do, I will be at risk for pregnancy, since I know that they will never agree to wear condoms. Is that really what you want?”

He smiled and said, “You’ve been good at judging your fertile times for a long time now. Just use your best judgment and enjoy those big, black cocks if you decide to do it.”

The following week began where the previous one ended. I was sucking my three teammates and Kadal at least once every day, and becoming addicted to their tasty, huge cum loads. Sometimes I had nothing more for lunch than their semen and sperm in that closet. They kept trying to convince me to fuck them, but I resisted. If I was going to take that step, I damn sure wasn’t going to do it in a closet.

I learned at the end of that week that we, along with two of Kadal’s other teams, were having some corporate training for three days and two nights of the following week. Our days would be long and we were required to stay in the hotel where the meetings were being held. Ed didn’t have a problem with me being there and was pretty much encouraging me to cuckold him by saying, “Well, Sarah, if you ever are going to go further than blowjobs with those men, those meetings sure seem like a great opportunity.”

Our meetings started Wednesday morning of the next week, and went from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. We had a group dinner to attend, and by 8:00 pm we were breaking up to go to our rooms. That’s when Kadal invited our team to come to his suite, which has a hospitality area with a bar, couches and chairs, in addition to his bedroom. Bushra told everyone that she was exhausted and was going back to her room, and I tried to do the same. Kadal and Deven insisted that I go the hospitality room with them to discuss the training, since I was still a new employee there.

We did start out talking about the training, while at the same time Kadal was being the good host and serving us some Indian palm wine called kallu and an Indan distilled drink called arrack. I was always able to hold my liquor pretty well, but after three arrack drinks I was feeling no pain. That’s when they stopped talking about training and found a cricket match on the television for background noise. Then Kadal said, “Sarah, we’re going to all get comfortable now. We weren’t able to enjoy your mouth today because of the meetings, and I know that all of our balls need to be emptied.”

I had been sucking their cocks for pretty much the last two weeks while they enjoyed sucking my breasts. So it wasn’t a big deal for me to remove my blouse and sit back on the couch. I knew that they would probably try to fuck me too, and I was feeling just mellow enough to let it happen. The men undressed completely and that was the first time I saw them totally nude and together as a group. The men are not muscular or in shape, and being short by American standards, they didn’t look like the macho men we sometimes read about.

The things that made them stand out were their big, dark brown and black cocks and big, low-hanging balls. It occurred to me seeing them all together that their job levels seemed to be correlated to their cock sizes. Kadal is the director with a nine inch cock, while Deven’s is eight inches and the other two men are about seven and a half inches long. All of them are thick, especially when compared to Ed’s dick.

The couch was big, low and cushy with a back that was angled back almost like a futon. As soon as I lay back in that partially reclined position, Himal and Pavin lay down on either side of me and began sucking my breasts. Deven moved behind the couch, and I was at the perfect level for him to push his cock into my mouth. I heard Kadal talking on his cell phone in Tamil, just before he got down on his knees between my legs. I continued to enjoy having my breasts sucked and sucking Deven’s cock, as Kadal began massaging and rubbing my legs.

Kadal was soon spreading my legs and rubbing my inner thighs, getting closer and closer to my pussy. He pushed my skirt up as he got higher, and I soon felt his fingers and breath on my white cotton panties. He pulled the gusset of my panties aside and had his first look at my thick, white labia covered in strawberry blonde hair. Then he started sucking and tonguing my pussy. I was more aroused than I had ever been, with those four dark-skinned men having sex with me at the same time.

The couch was the perfect height for Kadal to fuck me on his knees. After sucking my cunt for a few minutes, Kadal pulled my ass to the edge of the couch and he started pressing his huge cock head into my pussy. The other men shifted their positions to allow him to fuck me. I had never been fucked by anyone except Ed, and his big cock felt so good stretching my vulva. Then his cock entered my vagina. He kept pressing until he was up against my cervix, with two more inches to go. I loved the feeling of having my soaking wet pussy stretched as I swiveled my hips to meet his thrusts.

Kadal kept pounding my pussy and was soon able to push his full length inside of me. I was in heaven being stretched and fucked that way and feeling his huge balls slapping against my ass. I was just having my first orgasm when I heard the door to the room open and close. I couldn’t see who was there with Deven on me fucking my mouth. I soon heard a man with a Tamil accent say, “Fuck, Kadal, you are sure right about this white whore. She’s taking on all of you, and that white cunt is surrounded by brown men. I hope she wasn’t lying when she said she wasn’t using any birth control.”

It was only another minute before Kadal’s cock began throbbing in my pussy as he filled me with my first load of cum for the night. Just about that same time, Deven’s cock began pulsing in my mouth, and I got to taste and swallow his big load of semen and sperm that was so familiar to me. Both men kept their deflating cocks in me for a few minutes, until I heard the man who came into the room say, “When you’re finished soaking your cock in that pretty, blonde pussy, make room for her cock sucking husband to clean the mess up for us. He’s been sucking my cock for the last two weeks and just loves to eat Tamil cum.”

Deven pulled off of my face and I was shocked to see Ed standing there with another Tamil man. Ed looked at me and said, “Hi, honey. This is my boss Sahan, and Kadal is his brother. That’s why it was so easy to get you that position with their firm. They were happy to get a beautiful, white woman like you who they thought would be an easy fuck.”

I very angrily sat up and said, “What the fuck is going on here, Ed? Did I just hear your boss say that you’ve been sucking his cock? How the fuck did that start?”

Ed’s face turned red as he explained, “Sahan and I were working together one late afternoon, and he began telling me about what you were doing for Kadal and the others. He told me that Kadal and your team definitely planned to fuck you, and wanted to know how I felt about it. I told him all about the research you did before our move, and how we both enjoyed looking at those big, brown Tamil cocks. One thing led to another and I was soon on my knees sucking his ten inch cock. That’s why I have been encouraging you to go further with these men. I wanted so badly to see you fucked by them, but couldn’t admit that to you.”

I really couldn’t be too mad at him since I had been sucking cocks too, and had just been fucked by Kadal. What I didn’t understand was how he could have become a bisexual cock sucker, almost overnight. I stared at him for a couple of minutes to make him nervous, and then decided how to react to the whole thing. I said, “Okay, Ed, if you want to suck cocks and like cum so fucking much, get your ass over here and suck my pussy clean. Maybe you can suck enough of Kadal’s fuck slime out of me to keep me from getting pregnant with his brown baby. Then I’m going to fuck the rest of these guys and give you even more to eat.”

Ed quickly moved between my legs and began sucking my slimy pussy. At the same time Kadal and Deven began sucking my breasts as Himal shoved his cock into my mouth. It only took Himal a few minutes to feed me his load of cum, just as I was having an orgasm from Ed sucking my pussy. Then Sahan got between my legs and fucked me with his huge cock, and I was surprised that I could take it all to the balls. Ed was cleaning Himal’s cock with his mouth as Pavin moved in to feed me his black cock.

We continued fucking and sucking those five Tamil men until 2:00 am when everyone was exhausted. By the time it was over, I had been fucked eighteen times and taken several loads of cum in my mouth. Ed cleaned my pussy with his mouth after each fucking. He also sucked the men’s cocks clean and even sucked them off when the wait for my pussy got too long for them. During some of the lulls when the men were resting, my cock sucking husband enjoyed sucked their balls, sometimes with them sitting on his face.

Ed left to go home and I slept with Kadal and Deven in Kadal’s room. In the morning they both fucked me again before I went back to my room to clean up and get ready for the day of training. That night we all went back to Kadal’s suite and the sucking and fucking continued until the wee hours of the morning again. After the third day of training, all of the men came back to our condo with Ed and me. Ed and I couldn’t seem to get enough of their big, dark cocks.

Knowing the size of their cum loads, I estimated that I must have taken over half a liter of thick, white, Tamil semen and sperm into my pussy over those three nights. They continued fucking me at work and in our home whenever we had the opportunity, but not as much as those first three nights. We settled into a routine where I was being fucked in Kadal’s office about twelve times a week, and then both Kadal and Sahan visited us at our home on other nights and weekends.

Three weeks after that first night, I missed my period and was confirmed to be pregnant. There was no question that the father was one of those Tamil men, since Ed hadn’t fucked me since my last period. Those men were even more anxious to fuck me when they learned that I was pregnant. We continued meeting with and fucking those men during my entire pregnancy, and then resumed the fucking again after the birth of our beautiful, brown baby girl.

When we left Chennai after our two year assignment, we had two brown, Tamil babies to take back to California with us. We told our friends and families that we adopted those babies so they wouldn’t know that I had become a shameless whore and Ed had been a cuckold to those horny Tamil men with their huge, dark cocks.