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Bush Walking

A year before I graduated from school, we got a new teacher for my English class. She arrived here straight from graduating university. Her name was Mrs. Black. She did not look quite like a teacher with nice clothes, decent make-up and a gorgeous haircut.

Her light brunette hair fell in gigantic waves around her sweet and somehow regal-looking beautiful face. I don’t know how it stayed like that all day long. I was kind of jealous she always looked amazing.

At the time, I was pretty unruly and loud mouthed in class. Since I was also pretty good at English, she let me do my own thing. All she ever did was give me those looks, which made me shut up right away. Back then, I didn’t quite know what to make of them, but today I’m sure she had the hots for me.

Also at the time, we had a school outing for PE every year. I hated PE in general and thought, going on this stupid bush walk was stupid. I tried to somehow get away from everyone and walk alone.

Right after we started, I slowly fell away from the group. As we got further into the forest, I looked for a secluded spot and acted as if I had to go pee suddenly.

I waited there until I knew everyone else passed me. The weather was nice. It grew quiet and somehow everything became peaceful and intimate. I started playing with myself. Even back then, I liked wearing dresses and skirts with nothing underneath.

I went and sat behind a tree in a little depression on the ground and started masturbating. When I was finished playing with myself, I suddenly heard a noise from behind a different tree. I looked around and saw something move. Startled, I tried to sneak away quietly, hiding behind a tree from what was going on.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mrs. Black lay there with a hand in her open jeans, her eyes closed and the other hand underneath her blue sweatshirt.

Maybe I was too surprised, or too excited, or too hasty, but I lost my footing and fell with a loud rustling into the bush in front of me.

When I got back up again, Mrs. Black looked at me surprised and stuttered, “Uh, hello … hello, Rebecca. I … I didn’t notice you standing there.”

I just mumbled, “That’s alright, I was doing it, myself.”

Mrs. Black smiled shyly. I didn’t quite know what to do. I felt stupid standing around like this and asked, “So, are you finished?” I tried to avoid staring at her open pants. She looked at me clueless. “I mean, did you come?”

She blushed. “Oh, uh, no, I mean, I did, I just wanted to, go for a quick pee.” She stuttered while she tried to avoid looking at me.

I was speechless for a moment and must’ve gotten even paler than I usually was. “Oh!” I finally said, “Well, I’ll … wait for you then,” walking a little bit sideways without looking.

She acted as if she tried to pee, but I couldn’t hear anything. After a while I asked, “Is it not working?”

“No,” she sighed and got back up. “I can’t, when I feel watched.”

We walked on in quiet, but she was visibly nervous. Maybe she was afraid that I saw her. After a while she couldn’t stand it anymore and asked, “So, what was it you meant earlier?”

I acted clueless, “When earlier?” I said playfully. “Well, you thought about something else when you saw me, I think.”

Now it was my turn to stammer, “No, well. I don’t know. I don’t remember. I just saw …” Great Rebecca, just great, I thought to myself. Now she knows I saw something.

“I saw you standing there,” I finished the sentence.

“I see,” she said.

Now I was insecure and nervous and wanted to know how much she noticed about me. “And you?” I asked.

She looked at me surprised and again with that special look. “Well, Rebecca, I think I saw the same.”

We both stopped in our tracks, I remembered her caressing my hair. I got wet between my legs all of a sudden, which felt cold against my thighs in the cool forest air.

Suddenly she asked, “Did you come?” I was shocked, didn’t know how to answer and just nodded. She smiled. “I didn’t, sadly.”

“Do you … I mean … uh, um, want to finish it?” I asked shyly.

She smiled again. Instead of an answer, she asked me. “Do you want to watch me some more?”

I nodded again.

She looked around and headed for a clearing a good distance from the forest path, which stood hidden behind high bushes and a few trees. There she looked for a nice, warm, sunlit spot and opened her pants again. She pushed them down in front of me along with her panties. The first thing I noticed was her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Prior to that time, I hadn’t seen many women naked and all of them were much older than I was and shaved only a little or not at all. Mrs. Black however, had her bush nicely cut and brought into shape. It was not so short that it looked naked, but short enough for her hair to lie nicely around her slit.

She squatted down and slowly opened her thighs, gently stroking inwards. She closed her eyes again and started rubbing her clit. I stared at her. My hand wandered by itself under my dress and to my pussy. She opened her eyes and saw how I stood in front of her.

I stood there with my skirt hitched up and played with my wet pussy. Mrs. Black seemed to enjoy the view.

“Come here,” she said. I came closer and she took my hand and pulled me directly in front of her.

I had to spread my legs across hers to get there. This further opened my already slightly spread pussy. She inserted her index finger very casually into me.

It slid all the way inside me immediately. I felt it deep inside me, exploring my vagina. An incredible feeling came over me. I think I came again in that moment, just in a different way.

She began sucking my clit with her lips, while her finger slid in and out of me. Finally, she took another finger and filled my pussy up with them one after another. She crooked them inside slightly upward, which felt unbelievably good. Suddenly I got wetter than ever before.

Ashamed, I tried to hold it in, but to no avail. Mrs. Black pressed her thumb on my clit and rubbed it hard against my pelvis, while her fingers fucked me.

I came. I came so strongly my legs gave in and I almost fell on top of her. The world around me was blurry. When I could see again, Mrs. Black knelt above me and looked worried. I must’ve seemed happy, because she smiled when I opened my eyes.

Instantly I reached for her breasts and massaged them. I could feel her big hard nipples through the sweatshirt. I pushed up her sweatshirt and noticed she didn’t wear any bra. Her breasts hung above mine. They looked much bigger than I imagined.

“You like my breasts?” she asked.

I didn’t say anything, just caressed them. “Take them into your mouth,” she begged, as she rubbed them across my face.

I started licking her nipples. They tasted salty like skin, but somewhat sweet as well and smelled fantastic. I sucked them, which she liked a lot. I got increasingly more daring, enticing me.

“Yes, suck my nipples, Rebecca.” This, in turn, excited me as well. I learned, since then, that dirty talk was my main turn on.

She must’ve noticed that too, because she finally asked, “You want to lick my pussy?”

Before I could answer, she already straddled my head. Her pussy smelled strongly of woman, and her own, fantastic body. I touched it with one finger. I was surprised at how soft, warm and wet she was.

I raised my head and touched her labia with my tongue, not knowing how to do it. “Right,” she uttered. I licked everything I could see. Her pussy tasted even saltier and stronger than her breasts, and her pubic hair tickled my tongue.

I tried to get inside her with the tip of my tongue, but didn’t get very far. Afraid to disappoint her, I took my fingers instead and pushed them gently down her pussy.

She moaned loudly: “Yesss. Fuck me.”

I did as ordered and pushed my fingers hard inside her. Only then, I noticed how large her pussy was, while I already filled her with my two fingers. My two fingers didn’t even feel any resistance. So, I took a third finger and fucked her further.

“Yes, just like that!” she moaned and moved her body rhythmically along with my thrusts. “Fuck me like a woman!”

I was unsure what she meant. “How, like a woman?” I asked.

“More!” she said, so I squeezed my pinkie up her hungry pussy as well and pushed them all in up to the knuckles.

This drove her crazy. “Yes! Give it to my cunt, you dirty piece of shit,” she hissed. The word “cunt” turned me on even more, and I started pounding her mercilessly.

That was when I noticed her inserting a finger into her “other” hole, seemingly hooking it in. It was the first time that I saw something like that and I felt torn between disgust, curiosity, horniness and needing that myself.

Her pussy stretched wide now all red and slippery. Her juices ran down my hand. I suddenly had an idea that turned me on so much I couldn’t help but try it.

I pulled my hand out of her and licked it a little, just to taste her juices. I inserted two of my gooey fingers into my own pussy and fucked myself.

The idea of her juices mingling with mine excited me to no end. I licked her again, so I wouldn’t neglect her, wilder and more daring than before. My tongue accidentally touched her anus and she tasted very differently there, spicy, but not bad. Finally, I inserted the other two fingers into my own pussy again.

They were slippery, and I was so excited that they went in straight away. The feeling that spread inside me was incredible.

I fucked myself, I sucked on her and she fucked herself. She seemed to have gone off completely.

“You little horny bitch, suck my juices out of my pussy, you fucking slut,” she called me.

I bit her clit, just to show her who the slut was. “You dirty pig,” I answered.

She watched me and touched herself, “You horny bitch.”

I pulled her clit with my teeth. I didn’t care if she hurt or not, I wanted to show her that her little horny bitch could stand up to her.

To my surprise she came, and stronger than I thought possible.

A gush erupted from her pussy and hit me straight in my face. Parts of it landed in my mouth, the rest covered my nose, eyes and hair.

At first, I thought she peed on me. The thought of it made me so shocked and excited. I came as well at the same time. The liquid tasted too much of pussy though, which left me wondering.

Exhausted, she sank to the ground next to me. She reached for my juice-covered hand and smeared it on her breasts before she licked it clean.

I watched her excited and curious. She was just a few years older than I was, but she taught me more on that day than I learned in English the whole year.